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3 Replies
ljkentucky - April 27

Have had a pretty good run with just "basic" daily pain that I've grown accustomed to. However some of my worrisome issues are creeping back. It helps to have a place to go to see what others are dealing with. Anyway just wondering does anyone feel breathless during a flare? Not really short of breath, (like if you've been running), no real or different chest pain, more of a sensation that you're smothering or not going to be able to take another breath. I have had a head cold--not in my chest--don't know if it's that or maybe a fibro symptom.


Fantod - April 27

Yes, people with Fibromyalgia (FMS) are shallow breathers. This would account for the feeling of being smothered. Making a more concious effort to breathe deeply so that your stomach moves should help. This is a common complaint among people with FMS. Take care.


peachmelba - April 29

hi there ljkentucky,i couldn't have put it better myself. for the last few day's not only have i struggled to get , what i call the second breath, as in a really deep sigh. but i keep constantly want to yawn.. i posted in november a similar experience. like you say it feels like were suffocating because we don't think we have got enough air in our lungs, so we tend too panick more.i've told my doctor this but he's say's part of fibro i'm afraid. but it doesn't bring comfort. its so frustrating not to get that deep breath. have you noticed if you have indigestion with it as well? i'm sure that's why i can't get a deep breath. all the best let me know how you get on.


ljkentucky - May 11

yes peachmelba--the feeling of indigestion does go along with it. Eating or being full seems to make it worse. I get this sensation frequently when I'm trying to eat, or even carry on a conversation. It's very upsetting. I try not to let it worry me, but at times that's difficult.



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