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Breathing problems with Chest/Rib Pain... anyone else???
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strawberry - September 15

hi, I also have problems with pain in my ribcage & chest. been told it was both myofascial pain syndrome & costochondritis. the thing is I also have problems breathing properly through the affected side (right). when I breathe in or out there is a high pitched whistling sound, and junk gets trapped in my pipes on that side. feels like they're constricted. I have had allergy, asthma & breathing tests galore & even seen a pulmonologist to check my lungs. EVERYTHING comes out clean & normal, but still the breathing problem persists... the doctor says "don't worry about it", how can I not? It HURTS. anyone else have this???? any adive very welcome....thanks :)


Stephanie - August 25

YEs.. I get this.. I am a smoker, so i panick and think its my lungs.. But Because there are so many muscles along the ribs and in the back and chest sometimes seems like you are restricted or that the pain is coming from the lungs.. many muscles are used when you breathe.. and if they are inflamed or hurting already.. then breathing surely causes discomfort.. good luck


strawberry - August 25

Hi stephanie. thanks for your response. I really hate this symptom, it drives me crazy. feels really sick inside...


Anne Hillebrand at FibroFix - August 27

Pain in the rib cage is due to cartilage not being sufficiently nourished. Also the whistling, etc are from congestion. Try the over the counter combination of Guaifenesin with some Dextromethorphan in it. Mucinex DM, or just the house brand. Ask your pharmacist what they have. Not liquid, though. Has stuff you don't want.

For 20+ years we thought I had lung damage; it was FMS.

It's a congestive disorder of the clear fluid throughout your body. (Called lymph when it gets dirty).


strawberry - August 28

thankyou Anne! I will look into that. I feel like I have "damage" to, but it comes & goes. my doctor said if it was permanent it would be that way all the time. do I just take mucinex tablets? how many a day & for how long? thanks again.


Mary - September 15

I get this too, anyone else? I quit smoking a long time ago, but it still worries me a great deal.



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