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Breathing problems anyone
6 Replies
severina55 - March 1

For a few years Ive had some wheezing occasionally,and feeling of not being able to breathe very well. I dont have coughing.
My doctor gave me an inhaler which I use, but Im not sure if its asthma or not. Neither is she.
The more I read I know this can happen with fibro, especially since my shoulder, back & chest & ribs are always aching. Anyone else have this? I have to see my doctor tomorrow so Im maybe gonna ask to see the asthma nurse.


myself - March 2

Yes, i too have the breathing problems.

What is happening is that we are getting inflammation in the lungs and tubes. Basicly the muscles (lungs) are swelling like the other muscles which makes it inflamed and can cause dry or wet caughs.

I have 4 inhalers around the house for emergancy, counting one of them in my purse.

I always know an attack is coming when my chest is painful. I breathe shallow normally so sometimes i don't know that an attack is coming.

The only thing that works is proventil for me.

They tried to send me to an allergist who said it wasn't allergies and tried advair on me which made me 100 times worse due to it's chemicals.

It is good to be tested for allergies in case you have any. The only treatment for this disease that i am on is prednisone (it works on breathing and swelling of legs) and my vitmains.

Also, panic attacks, stress or excitement can make the swelling in the lungs too. So watch the excitement.


axxie - March 2

If you have wheezing, you may have what they call allergic reaction to environmental triggers. As we age and with an autoimmune deficiencies we develop environmental asthma. It could be anything from the the pollution on a very hot day, gas fumes, to just a trigger from the house, maybe you have an animal, maybe you live with central heating, it could be dust that you don't see. I would not tie down you having shoulder, back and chest and rib aching to asthma. What you are describing as the aching is FMS. FMS must be treated for you to feel better, and not feel the pain. Maybe when you see the nurse she will point out different things that may clarify what asthma is and under what condition asthma acts up.
If you lived in a house where as a child, you had smokers, you have 3 times more of developing asthma. There are other conditions that we were exposed to, the body develops an allergic ashtma condition. The inhaler is there the serve you one purpose and that it helps your lung and tubes to clear, so you may breath better. I still wheeze and can feel it when I bend down or when I turn my head a certain way, then I know to take my inhaler. I should take it everyday, but I don't as soon as I feel better, I stop taking it. Not the right way of doing it. But then I do not have a life and death situation with my asthma. Good luck to you and report back and let us know what the nurse or doctor says'.


ptalana - March 4

I also have begun to have breathing difficulties. This seems to happen to me all of a sudden, I can't catch my breath nor can I swallow. Thankfully this hasn't happened very often! It is very scary!!! I am still waiting to see a physiatrist regarding my FMS hopefully she'll have ideas on how to deal with these attacks?? Take care, Patty


tnichel - March 4

I have this problem too. Mostly when there is a drastic change in the temperature. Usually will it goes from warm to really cold. Or from dry air to humid air from rain storms. I can't take deep breathes and sometime breathing deeply causes stabbing pains in my chest. x-rays show my lungs are find though. Still, it's scary when you can't breathe.


nenaya - March 5

Breathing problems are likely the result of a Lyme coinfection called Babesia or possibly Bartonella.

This is partly because both Babesia and Bartonella lead to hemolytic anemia, so when we have this symptom, it's because our blood is not carrying enough oxygen. Also, respiratory infections go with the territory.

I've been diagnosed with Lyme, babesia, bartonella and a couple of others, and yep, this is one of the gnarlier symptoms.

Please check out "Under our Skin" lyme documentary, and the Burrascano guidelines on the ILADS site, and bring to your doctor.

I am sorry to spread bad news, but you guys almost definitely have a Lyme coinfection and probably Lyme (they travel together) ... You can get a lot better if treated. Do a bit of research on Babesia and you'll see that this is a very common symptom, called "air hunger."

The difficulty swallowing -- yep, again, Lyme related. It compromises every single body system, and there can be a very worrisome symptom that feels like you're losing control of your muscles. That just might be my least favorite symptom.

If you're broke, MMS is an inexpensive, broad-spectrum DIY treatment that addresses both Lyme and the coinfections. Start slowly. Read up on it first. Good luck, and many blessings to you.


RyanF - March 6

I also have breathing problems and it seems to be a very common symptom with Fibro patients.

My breathing problems become so bad that I even start hyperventilating and have panic attacks.

I've taken up chi gong and tai chi to help me with the breathing and it does help. It takes a bit of practice, but it does work.

I found out that the breathing problems are caused by the tension in the muscles in my neck (Stermastoids) which is caused by the Fibromyalgia.



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