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breathing in toxins
2 Replies
Wasfitonce - July 12


Does anybody know or have first hand experience of PVC manufacturing toxins causing Fibro flare ups


Fantod - July 12

Many people with FMS have multiple chemical sensitivities. I can not speak to PCV specifically bbut I aware that there are several things that will make me sick if I am around them too long. This does not include pharmaceuticals which requirtes me to keep a running list on the computer so I don't forget anything. I googled your question and came up with nothing. If you suspect that it is adding to your health problems than I would say that it probably is. I always find a gut feeling is pretty accurate. Take care.


adabbs - August 19

All PVCs are bad to breath. Poly vynal Cloride, is nothing more than the combination of natural gas & salt. NLTS, to much breathing of either is bad for your health.

Since Ann & I feel like we are 80 or better, I have started looking at the Air that we breath.
It is amazing what we take for granted. Some contaminates,certain flowers, softeners used in clothes dryer,Clorox cleaners ,air fresheners & pesticide sprays.

If you are feeling fatigue, wanting to nap a lot and just feel punier, then its time to investigate the causes. Google, or Bing are good places to start.
Just look at home toxins.

One web site below.
Step by Step Instructions
Step 1

Use natural air freshener. The synthetic air fresheners that we often find at stores contain volatile compounds and phthalates, which are both harmful. Mix a few drops of your favorite essential oils (i.e. lavender, peppermint, etc) with water and put the mixture in a spray bottle. Now you have a natural, chemical-free air freshener to keep your rooms smell wonderful.
Step 2

Wipe down the central air conditioning or heating system. Keep filters changed. Dusts collect in the vents and they go flying into the air when air comes out. Breathing in dust particles can cause asthma attacks and allergies.
Step 3

Throw out your vinyl shower curtain made in China. ok!. As long as you have a vinyl shower curtain hanging, the PVC material will release chemical gases. When you are taking a shower, you are breathing in these gases in a confined place. Nylon shower curtains are an excellent substitute and they do not release any gases. made in USA
Step 4

Get real plants. Plants can remove formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, benzene and can also help to balance the humidity level. Some plants like English Ivy, Peace Lilies, Palms, Ferns can effectively remove these pollutants and toxins.
Step 5

Sterilize dish washing sponges and toothbrushes in microwave. After washing dishes, put the sponge in microwave and microwave high for a minute. For toothbrushes, put them upside down in a microwavable cup and fill enough water to cover the bristles. Microwave until water comes to boil. This method helps your sponges and toothbrush to be germ-free.
Have a great Day!!!



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