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breathing difficulty
5 Replies
Teresa - September 16

Does Fibromyalgia make it difficult to take a deep breath?


copy - September 12

Most FMS patients are shallow breathers so the muscles continue to contract and tighten. You must try very hard every day to breath deep and stretch those muscles out. Get that diaphram moving, start slow and work up.


Teresa - September 12

Thank you for your response. Do you have any suggestions on exercises which would help this problem? I have days where I feel like I am never going to get that deep cleansing breath which makes me tired since I'm not circulating proper oxygen. I have had lung tests and tested for thyroid problems but all were negative. The only time I feel better is when I'm getting a massage as my middle back and ribs get so tight. Any advise anyone can give would be appreciated. I have been trying to figure out what is wrong with me for a couple of years and haven't had much help from doctors. There are days where I feel like something has to be seriously wrong with me then a couple days later I will feel a little better. It can be very depressing. Thanks again for the response.


Jean - September 13

I can only tell you to keep moving and stretching, slow stretching, this will help. As far as message goes, it hurts me, it's not fun. But if that works for you continue and try not to overdo. It's hard no matter what, it is hard....You're not alone.


Jan - September 15

I was just thinking this yesterday, as I went for a walk, trying to breathe deep, and I couldn't. But I continue to try to talk easy walks, and stretch even thou it is very tiring for me, because once I recover from the exhaustion I actually feel slightly better for a time.
Boy do I need to go to the doctor again. I haven't been back since I was told by him a few months back what I had. Money is tight, and doctors are expensive. But my Fibro symptoms seem to getting slowly worse every week now


Jean - September 16

Hi Jan. I know it's hard but you gotta keep working at it. Swimming, walking, stretching. Just keep moving and make sure you can sleep that is important. Hang in there.



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