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5 Replies
bmcgovern - February 18

For the last few days my chest has been just a little bit tight,but i get that feeling where you feel like you don't get enough air no matter how much you breathe in. This one just came out of nowhere. Does anyone else get this way? I do breathe right i just feel like i can't get enough air and sometimes it scares me. I hate this feeling.


bmcgovern - February 18

I was also wondering if anyone has tried using a Humidifier to help with any breathing problems and if its helped?


tnichel - February 18

yes and yes. I mostly use a humidifier in the summer. It really helps hydrate your body, sinuses, etc. I haven't tried it for the chest pains. I usually get them when the weather changes to cold or if it's really humid outside or it has rained. Or if I go to sleep and the temps drop and I breathe in cold air all night (the worst is waking up to this).
Sometimes bending over and putting my hands over my head helps and sometimes you just have to wait it out. If I wake up with the pain standing of sitting straight up usually helps. You're likely experiencing costroinditis [----I butchered that. lol. You can read about it on this site. It's scary but harmless. If it continues for an extended period of time then you should call your doctor.


bwelladjusted - February 19

I have been having this same problem off and on both yesterday and today, and I've had it before. Out of curiosity, do you live in Illinois? I live in northern Illinois, and wonder if it's something with the weather? Not really sure what to do about it, but it does seem to go away on its own. Hope you feel better!


bmcgovern - February 19

No. I live in Utah. I am pretty positive i have Costochondritis. My chest usually gets tight, have a hard time breathing, burning but not heartburn, and pain in the chest.


Canada17 - February 22

I often experience tightness in my chest and the feeling that I can't get enough air. Mine is almost always caused by environmental asthma brought on by allergies (dust, dander, perfume, smoke, etc.), or GERD.

Allergies can hit us at anytime without warning. They can come and go throughout our lives.

There are many reasons why you could be experiencing this. You should get it checked by a doctor as soon as possible to rule out anything worth being scared about.



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