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breast/muscle pain
5 Replies
ljkentucky - November 6

I'm having a muscular type pain in my left breast area--tends to hurt depending on my position and is especially painful when I cough. Sound familiar to anyone? I know fibro pain seems to present differently from day to day--still concerned that I could write off something serious to fibro pain. How do you cope with that?


Fantod - November 6

Costocondritis is a condition associated with Fibromyalgia (FMS). You can find a description under "Associated Conditions" on the lefthand side of this page in the blue boxes. You should see your doctor to be sure nothing else is going on. Enjoy the rest of the weekend. Take care.


fishingflorist - November 6

Yes I too Have painss like that. But I agree with Fantod, see a doctor to make sure. I had pain similair for almost 3 days. Finally the pain spread and I thought I better go to the hospital. Good thing I did, at 37 I was having as heart attack. So please have it checked out. That was very scary, and it could have been prevented, if when the pain started I went to the doctor. The worst part now I've been told I do have costocondritis. So even now if pain last for more than one day I still go to the doctor. Sorry babbling! Good luck and have a great weekend!


darlingnicki - November 8

I have this right now and I am a little scared. the left side of my chest has been hurting for 2 days. may go to the docts tomorrow just to be sure. Hopw you feel better


Auvonto - November 8

yes. i went to the ER once because of it but he said it was because it was that time of the month. i knew better. but know that i see this could be related i can add this to the long list of how do we say "perks" of FMS. i just let it go away it comes every so often


Auvonto - November 8

i just read the rest of the post and omg. when i was at the ER my blood pressure was sky high and they said the EKG was fine. after my BP went down i went to work. hurting still the same. i really will be speaking to my dr concerning this.



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