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Breast lumps
5 Replies
Stephanie417 - October 5

I know its easy to blame a lot of wierd symptoms on Fibromyalgia.. As Ive gotten a few lectures on here for not listening to certain advise... but As I know my body, I have followed my own concerns and had the whole underarm pain thing checked out.. Pressure points wont fix this one.. Turns out they found nothing in my underarm area, but two lumps in my breast.. Although I am only 29, they feel that it is a concern becuase they do not appear to be fibrocystic, and have scheduled a diagnostic mammogram...Weather or not it is nothing, Im glad that I have taken it upon myself to get things checked out instead of assuming things were Fibro related.. I hope that if anyone here has any questions or worries, they will bring it up to a doctor instead of relying on the assumption that it is just their Fibromyalgia .. I pray that things will be ok ...


Debra4Real - October 5

Hi:Stephanie417 I agree with what your saying.Great advice is one thing and one can benefit greatly sometimes,but as you have said you know your body better then anyone.No one should play Doctor to anyone.When i feel that something is wrong with my body i go straight to my Doctor for the answers.My Sister was having a problem with her right breast and she did a mammogram and they found some fatty tissue and removed it and she is 100/% better.It was strange because she was so thin.But we all have fatty tissues and some of it can build up and cause problems and discomfort.But it is not a serious problem.What you have could be so very minor ,i hope.I know the waiting is the hardest but you have to think possitive and you will get through this no matter what the out come is.You have some good people out here that care.I will pray for you,for you to be strong and healthy.Take Good Care of yourself.Always Debra.


TERESA - October 5

Stephanie, try not to worry too much. I know that is easier said than done! Remember that I went through this earlier thios year & we discucced this in an earlier post. I'm glad you finaly went to the doctor! I had said you needed to check it out because not every symptom we have is necessarily FMS related. Hang in there, mine was benign you remember & I'm much older than you!!


barbar - October 5

Stephanie417, We will certainly keep you in our prayers, those of us that pray, and the rest will keep you in their hearts. The lumps may still be fibrostic. But you are right. Despite the tremendous impact of FMS on our bodies, we remain sadly vulnerable to everything else that is out there so we certainly keep a look-up and not let our FMS serve as an excuse to hide from whatever else may be upon us. We hold you in our hearts.


Stephanie417 - October 5

Aweee.. those of you who replied, I thank you so very much for the kind words and prayers... I am not a religious person, But I have a very deep faith in God, and I do believe that prayer is a very powerful thing.. I pray too, for all who I speak to on here.. Because I do know what it feels like.. I love you all for being so kind, and I hope that my words will sometime help or comfort any one of you as well !! I am keeping a positive attitude. . and this is important.. Thank you so much !


BrandyO - October 5

Dear Stephanie, my thoughts and prayers are with you also.



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