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firomama - March 14

I didnt know this place existed. IM HOME! OK, first, silly question, i meant for my user name to be fibromama. im missin' a B. how can i change this?


Noca - March 14

Just make another account.


ptalana - March 14

Hi fibromama, welcome to our fibro family:) This forum is full of wonderful, supportive people who are always here to help.
About adding the "b" I would think that Noca is probably right in just opening another account. I personally am not very tech savvy, but I'm learning.
Once again welcome, Patty


firomama - March 14

I will have to deal with it later. tonight mother nature (.), rain/cold weather and of course....fibro are all with me! cant sleep, cant get comfy. oh well, its the nature of the beast!

ok, so for intros, i will be 31 april 17th. thats right, aries bebe. i have been diag. w/ fibro for about 2 yrs give or take. took 5 drs to convince me. i also have oestoearthritis-every where! and a couple of bad discs. im currently 60ish lbs over weight (5'6). ****sigh****. under drs advice i stopped my adament regimine (sm)of pilates. hurt to much w/ no results. i have a hubby of 3 yrs and together 6. 2 kids, oldest from a previous, hes 12 and bi-polar. thats just the start. my hubby and i have a 3yr old daughter together. the light's of my life, what keep me going. i take a crap load of meds to function right now and under my GP advice, seeking dis. YAY!one second at a time. my hobby that keeps me sane is astrology. (dont laugh, its rude :))and for the record, its fibromama.;)this is a relief, the site i mean. i look forward to staying close to all! after all no one else gets it-


iliveinpain - March 14

Hi fibromama, welcome!! You are going to love it here! We are a great group. I have to say that I am addicted to this site and one other. The other is daughters of narcissistic lol I believe she's the reason for my fibro, but that a whole other story! Anyway, yeah, the weather is cold and damp and rainy and KILLING. I'm probably 40 or so pounds overweight too, kind of hard to keep weight off when you can't exercise the way you used to. I love me and my dear hubby loves me, that's all that matters :) Again, welcome :)



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