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Brain scan?
2 Replies
meggie - February 13

Im having a brain scan next week, originaly my request was denied as i have fibromyalgia. I realise theres a never ending list of symptoms but... In order to accept this thing i need to know that there isnt anything else wrong. My memory and concentration is so bad i cannot function some days at all. I mean no offence but i feel as though i have a learning difficulty, i just cannot comprehend what is being said to me some days, i can take in and retain NO information and feel everything ive learned and know is slipping away from me, including my past. Today is a goodish day, but these days are almost as bad because its on these days i realise what a muppet ive become generally. Anyway, i persisted on the scan and asked my doctor to request another scan, this time it was accepted. I need to know theres nothing else going on so i can move on. Im just thinking that its easy to blame everything on the fibro, if one of my ears fell off would they say 'ah well yes, thats the fibro' !!
Im wondering what the scan will show up, if anything.


thinlizzy - February 17

I am going through the exact same thing - I have to write everthing down - I have informed my doctor but he just said it sounds like a mental health problem and gave me a form to fill out. Its frustrating for me having to write things down.


JJ1 - February 17

The symptoms you described are actually the worst part of my fibromyalgia. My pain is not too bad. Irritable bowel can be annoying. But cognitive problems are the worst. I have no short term memory and I try to write down detailed notes at meetings because I will surely forget everything as if I was never there. I have wondered about seeing a neurologist. Even if it is related to fibro, seems like something could be done. To complicate matters, I think I am premenopausal which also can cause memory problems. I don't know how long I can hide what a dope I am at work!



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