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Brain not working too well
16 Replies
James59 - January 12

My partner has been a fibromyalgia sufferer for many years but recently I have noticed that she is struggling to complete sentences & often gets words mixed up. This has always been a bit of an issue but appears to have worsened recently. She tells me that this is a symptom of the fibromyalgia condition & I was wondering if it is quite common amongst fibromyalgia sufferers?



Noca - January 12

Has she suffered a stroke?


Fantod - January 12

Hello James - When I am over tired I tend to have problems pronoucing words and sometimes even stutter. I also have problems with typing on the computer. The words are practically backwards or a phonetic version of the original. This drives me crazy as I certainly know better. Yes, it is a common symptom with Fibromyalgia patients but I would ask your partner to consider getting a check up to be sure nothing else is going on. Take care.


axxie - January 12

Hi James59, your partner is right, it's all part of fibro. Here is what they have under brain fog symptom:

Brain Fog

trouble concentrating - can't recall words (anomia) / names - using wrong word - memory lapses - lose track of present location - overwhelmed performing multiple tasks - low mental acuity - varies from day to day

I get all of these, again depending on how I'm feeling, I have had my teenage daughter ask me if I was drunk severale times. I have been told I walk funny. If I'm really tired, all these show up, and it can take days before your partner returns to normal. She may also have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (viral precursor to FMS, I have this and at best it's hard.

I wake up from sleeping 8 hours, just to lay on the couch and sleep another few hours. Those are my normal days, when I'm not working.

Luckly, I only work 3 days aweek for 6hours each.


anniepooh32 - January 13

Hello James -

I have problems with words and short term memory due to my fibro. I also hav trouble typing.

I can be talking to someone, think one word and say a completey different word for no reason. Or I often combine words not meaning to. I will lose my train of thought during the middle of a sentence as I am easily distracted because of fibro.

Distractions can be through noise, sight, and pain.

I can tell my family something or have them tell me something and turn around and I have already forgotten what it was I said or was told.

Saying all of this is part of fibro is true however, since you have noticed a difference in pattern it would be a good idea just to have her check in with her doctor to make sure this is not something else.

Hope this information has helped.

Best regards and well wishes.


belle1329 - January 13

Hi James,
I also have the same as everyone has described, but as fantod and Noca mentioned, please be sure to have her check with her Dr. to make sure it is not anything else, except the Fibro symptomof Brain Fog. Good Luck :)


James59 - January 18

No, she has never had any problems of that nature.Her basic speech is fine, it's just that she loses her train of thought & either forgets words or mixes them up.


James59 - January 18

Hi Noca, Fantod, Axxie, Anniepooh 32 & belle1329.

Thanks ever so much for your replies.It sounds like this symptom is very much part of her condition & the advice to get the recent change checked out is partner is overdue an appointment with her fibromyalgia specialist.She has had Chronic Fatigue/ME many years ago & her problems seem to have stemmed from Glandular Fever when she was 18.She is now 49 & has never really enjoyed good health....which sounds dramatic but is true.

I'll do some investigating into Brain Fog as that is something I haven't heard of before & if my partner has she has never called it that.

Thanks again all!!


dotty555 - May 2

what is with this brain fog ?. I have only recently been diagnosed after many years of symptoms that nobody put together and my days are mostly spent at home since i had to give up my job and i thought it was that making me so forgetful and vague, my partner keeps complaining because i start a conversation then just go blank. Is there anything i can do to help my "brain fog"


Fantod - May 3

dotty555, you might try taking a supplement called "phosphatidylserine" which my nutritionist recommended for memory issues. My "fibro-fog" usually appears when I have been too active (overtired)and/or my sleep pattern is worse than usual. The supplement seems to help; I've been using it for several years. You should be able to find it at any decent health food store. Take care.


Lovejoy51 - May 3

Yes James, I have all the symptoms you describe and it really worries me. Fibro MUST be connected to the brain or central nervous system otherwise why would it affect our brains so much? I never understand why a person with fibro sees a rhuemotologist. I am convinced it shoud come under neurology. When are they going to get to the bottom of this?


englishrose - May 4

Hi James you do think your going crazy but it does appear to be a symptom ..My husband now knows when i'm overtired which is a lot of the time by my forgetfulness with words and sudden stop mid sentance..Send your wife my good wishes


englishrose - May 4

Lovejoy51 my thoughts exactly you hit the nail on the head with that Question..


fibromite.u.k. - May 4

Hi James, What you are describing is typical of fibro fog. I am always starting sentences and then saying "Oh, I've forgotten what I was going to say". My husband and son are used to it and take no notice, but I do feel embarrased in front of other people. I also struggle at times to remember words and people's names etc. I recently had to have an MRI scan of my brain as it has been found that I have a blood clotting problem and I was quite frightned that they might find that I had dementia, due to the way I forget things, but thank goodness my brian was perfectly normal. So I wouldn't worry about it, but as others have said, mentioning to your doctor about what is happening would be a good idea, if just for reassurance.


fibro78957 - May 23

This is definately part of fibro. The more tired I get or more stressed I am, the problem gets worse. My speech, writing and typing are all affected. It is imbarassing when I am in a meeting and the words come out incorrectly. The more I try to fix the problem when it happens, the worse it gets.


Gabbie - May 24

Yea, the oh so wonderful brain fog. I don't have it all the time, but when the fog rolls in, it's frustrating. I mix up words, and sometimes forget what I'm talking about in the middle of a sentence. If I try to correct myself so hopefully noone notices, I sound even dumber and pretty much ramble on making it worse just as Fibro78957 said. James59, I don't know how old your partner it, but if she's in her 40's/50's she may also be starting peri-menopause and combined with fibro, it's a double whammy. I found it best to try to make a joke about it and just laugh and tell people that it's a brain fog day and try to start over. It's definately better than trying to struggle with remembering and babbling on.


cabingirl - May 27

I suffer from terrible brain fog whenever I'm overly tired or stressed. I can't recall what I'm trying to say, or I call items by the wrong name. Even more bothersome for me is my inability to concentrate on a task for more than a few minutes. I am an architect and building code official, and I frequently have to make quick decisions involving life/safety issues. I am beginning to wonder if I will be able to continue performing my job. I'd hate to make a poor decision in the midst of brain fog.



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