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10 Replies
JozetteS - December 15

Does anyone experience wearing a bra uncomfortable? The strap around my braline tightens around and just leaves me feeling uncomforable wearing a bra. I also know when it is hot and I sweat it almost feels like a numb sensation around my braline. I am fine when I take the bra off. When I discussed with my Dr., he said as long as there is no pain it is nothing to worry about. And again blamed it on Fibro. Do you think its just because my body is sensitive to having things tight around the skin or have a second opinion? And does anyone else have this issue? What do you think? Thanks in advance...


Virgie - December 15

Hi JozetteS, I do think it's because the body is sensitive to tight fitting clothing, for myself anyway. Some clothes would lay and fit nice but after exertion of any kind it tightens. I'm prone to wearing loose fitting clothing and change into something really loose often.


BrandyO - December 15

Hi JozetteS ....I don't suffer from this exactly. Mine is an aching pain that is irritated by my bra straps. I don't get it everyday, sometime months between, and usually only on one side or the other. If I am not in the position to remove my bra I slide the strap off my shoulder for some limited relief. I've been having one of those days today on the right side. A dull ache that goes all the way down to my finger tips from the point on my shoulder covered by my strap. It might be gone over night but some times the ache last for several days at a time. It seems to come randomly too. Just out of the blue.
I know this doesn't answer your problem but I hope you get some relief soon!


JJ1 - December 18

I don't have this problem like you do, but if I understand correctly, some people have pain even with a hug. So a bra is sort of hugging you, constricting you, so I can see how it could be uncomfortable. Do you wear underwire? If so, I would avoid this. Maybe a sports bra would help.


JozetteS - December 18

Hi JJ! I do wear under wire because I am a 36DD. I have also tried sports bras and they also constrict. I think I want to ask another doctor what they think. I'll follow up with everyone when I do. I will try and make an appt tomorrow. I am so uncomfortable that I literally can't stand it. I appreciate everyones answers!


jhummel03 - December 19

I, too, have difficulties wearing bras. I've tried several different styles & sizes, but still have pain. Sports bras & bralets are what I wear now under my loose fitting tees!!! If you find something that works, let us know! Thanks & good luck.


JJ1 - December 19

jhummel03, I said in my response to your stress post that I didn't know if you are male or female -- hadn't read this one yet, so looks like you must be female, lol.


charliebrown - December 27

Yes, I do as well, with my bra straps, panty elastics and pant waist bands as well as sock elastics. At times it can be very painful, feeling like bad bruising. Lol.


Cyndreth - December 27

Charliebrown, I'm glad you said something about sock elastics. I was wondering why, after years of wearing knee-highs I was having such a problem with the darn things. It is becoming increasingly uncomfortable for me to wear any kind of sock at all...the constriction!


Tanzanari - January 2

I have SUCH a love/hate relationship with my bras! I'm uncomfortable wearing one, I'm uncomfortable NOT wearing one... I finally found a bra that doesn't drive me nuts at Fredericks of Hollywood. It's called "Microfiber Smooth Bra" and it's the only bra that I don't want to rip off and burn! It's so comfortable I sometimes forget to take it off when I go to bed! lol
I also ordered it a wee bit big (I normally wear a 36, but I ordered a 38). It's really the most comfortable bra I've ever had. I'm fairly busty, so finding a bra that didn't look like my grandmother would wear it AND was comfortable was a difficult task. Maybe you could try one out. I think they are still on sale on the website.


JozetteS - January 2

Thanks for your advice Tanzanari! I found the bra and am in the process of buying one to try. If I am a 36DD should I order a 38D? I am pretty sure. What size are you and what size did you order? I did go to another DR and she also said that it is not uncommon to have this. I am looking for any suggestions for relief and can't wait to try this bra! Thanks again!



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