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TJS - June 12

has anyone been diagnosed with both fms and cmp. I have in the last year and one half. The pain has been with me for two years now just showed up with major intensity in 2004. Since the symptoms are both new to me how do you tell them apart?


Jean_ - June 4

I have them both and the doctors will only say that it is Fibro and combine the two. You know and I know they are seperate and how to tell them apart, CMP is the most painful.


Lynne - June 4

I was first diagnosed with CMP then FMS here is one os several site I have listed on my website
If you want to check out my site it is


Debra - June 5

Hi:Jean and Lynne I also have FMS and CMP.I'm 42 years old.I was in an accident the year of 2002.From that day on my life became a nightmare.I developed TMJ,FMS and CMP.I know the pain of these monsters very well and i truly understand what you are going through.It is very ,very hard to watch your life pass you buy each and every minute of the day.If it were not for the man in my life and all of the people out here on this Forum i would not be alive.You all mean so much to me and i really do care about how you are doing.You may think that is a little strange because i dont know you but,i feel that i know all of you because we are living with the same illness.Please take good care. Debra.


Lynne - June 5

I took a fall in 2004 had severe whiplash, figured I would go to the chriopractor and I'll be ok in a few weeks well 2 years and I know I will never be the same again. I am in a lawsuit over the fall that has left me with a herniated disc, having to have surgery on my left shoulder, now I have a torn rotator cuff on my right shoulder not to mention the FM. My lawyers are trying to sweep this all under the rug and get my case over and done with. I used to be a very sucessful business person and also very active. I used to own horses, scuba dive and a list of other activities I enjoyed. Now there are days I can hardly stand up.


Debra - June 6

Hi: Lynne Thanks so much for your reply.I'm sorry that you had an accident.You and i have a few things in common.I was also involved in a fall accident.I was dancing on a platform it broke and i came falling down face first.My jaw was broken,all of my front teeth were pushed up into my nose i lost some of them.My neck and spine twisted as i fell and did some damage.As a result i developed TMJ,Severe osteoarthritis,fibromyalgia and CMP and tons of other medical problems.I have been seen by over 50 Doctors in the past for years.None of them have helped.On the night of my accident i was celebrating my engagement.What a nice engagement gift.I died that night.The person that i am today is not the person i used to be.This Fibromyalgia has taken everything that i loved and enjoyed away from me.I am sure that you and others out here feel the same.On a more possitive note....I hope and pray that they will find a way to help us cope with the pain.And they may find a cure.Please dont ever give up hope.Take care. Debra.


Debra - June 9

Hi: TJS Well thats a tough one to answer.The CMP effects your face,teeth,jaw,neck and shoulders.The pain is much more deep than FMS and when you touch the painful areas they trigger pain to other areas of the body.With CMP the pain is in the exact same areas everyday and it does not ease up at all.With FMS the pain is in many different areas of the body but it can start with the neck then the chest then it can be in your feet.Or you could have 100% of your body in pain all at the same time.When this happens it can last for a day or months then it simmers down by going through the cycle again.Like the head then the hands ect.I Hope this helped you a bit.And i hope that i have explaned this properly because i'm having one of those fibro fog days.Take Care.Debra .........


Judy - June 10

what is CMP ? I have TMJ as well and a Torn Rotator Cuff in my left shoulder. I am asking about the CMP because I have pain in my face I just thought it was from the Fibro, My face will hurt to the touch if I touch my face it hurts the top of my head too. lately I have not felt that does it go away and come back ??


Rachel - June 12

I also have FMS and CMP. My dr says they're practically one and the same except as Debra stated, CMP is shoulders up and is relentless. Mine attacked the optic nerves/eyes and I had migraines for 9 months straight. I was hospitalized 6 times for them. I've had 'trauma' in the form of surgeries since I was 15.Before then my immune system killed itself in the form of hyper-thyroidism that went unchecked since age 7. I had two corneal transplants also which my eyes never recovered from. Makes me wonder...
I've noticed my fms attacks in different areas/multiple areas of my body but goes away after time. The cmp, in its flare, was unrelenting in its intensity for months. Truly terrible. I found this three legged short massager at Walgreens that helped so much. It fits in the palm of my hand and I used it on trigger points around my jaw/head that helped ease the tension. It cost $10.



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