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Book Based on my Mothers Fibromyalgia experience
7 Replies
franky26 - November 13

Hi, I am going to be writing a pdf book to help people with fibromyalgia and I want your input. Please keep in mind this is a first draft and grammatical errors and organization help would be appreciated. I am not a writer, just someone trying to help thanks.

If anyone has input they can give on what else has helped them so far that would be appreciated. This is how the book will begin.

The Fybromyalgia Fault by Franky Ferdinand
Hello, I am glad you made the decision to purchase this PDF. For every person that purchases this book, follows the guidelines and educates themselves on what is in this book, I will know I have helped one more individual turn their life around and fix this life sucking “sickness” called by fibromyalgia.

I would first like to write an important message to the individuals that took another leap to help find a cure but are still in a state of helplessness. If you have tried many medicines, remedies, or promised chiropractic cures, let me tell you that I understand the money and time you have invested, and I really feel your pain when you realize that these promised solutions were just another way for someone to make a profit off your misery.

I understand this because I saw my mother go through the same exact thing many times over, until I got sick and tired of her being taken advantage of. She was nearly convinced that her days of figuring out a solution were over. That was until I took the initiative of observing my mothers day-to-day activities and seeing what were the fundamental differences between her and a healthy individual.

Over the past 6 months I have documented my observations, and will be sharing them with you. I will also be showing you what changes she made to fix her problem, and how I came up with the solutions to her problems.

A note I must make is that I am not a professional writer, nor a doctor. I will not try and persuade you to do the things I know will help you. If you are not one of the individuals who is willing to take initiative in having faith and pushing themselves beyond their mental state of helplessness, please stop reading here and return the book.

I am writing this book because I saw the pains my mother went through with Fybromyalgia, and saw how it not only affected her, but the whole family. My father was depressed that his wife’s body was older than a 68 year old woman’s. My sister, a woman who is high in spirit, would constantly feel guilty seeing her mother lay there on the couch by the front door, as she went in and out of the house. And me, I couldn’t have a normal relationship with my mother in her state of mind, because she was always in a bad mood, which kept me from enjoying spending time at home. fibromyalgia is more than a sickness to the person who has it, but it also hurts the people around you. I am sure you know already know that consciously or on a deeper level, because you tried to suppress the fact that you KNOW it affects the people you love most.

Before I begin I would also like to mention that at first my mother, Cindy, was completely against everything I had told her. She said that she has tried everything, and that doctors don’t have a cure for fibromyalgia yet. She kept saying that fibromyalgia is a real sickness and that she has already tried everything to fix her problems. I literally had to make a bet with her to get her to be open minded about what I had learned about fibromyalgia just to get her to listen and try to get better one more time. In the end I won the bet, but most importantly I bought my mother a new life. The fact of the matter is fibromyalgia keeps you from being open minded. You are always in a bad mood and pessimistic, and that keeps you away from the optimism and patience needed to change. There has to be a real motivating driver (RMD). Without a RMD, you will not change your habits, and you will not fix your life. Whether your RMD is your family, friends, or you pushing yourself in hope that there is a solution, you need to have a REAL understanding of how important it is to change and how it will drastically change your life.

One thing I noticed about fibromyalgia is that the people who have had it for such a long time are reluctant to fix it because they had it for so long. Fixing it might mean admitting they wasted 20 years of their life in misery even though there was an alternative solution. Please, DO NOT think like this. Better late than never. Snap out of it, PLEASE!

1- Is Fibromyalgia a Myth?
For the sake of understanding this “condition” a little better, lets break down what fibromyalgia is. You have fibromyalgia if you have an X number of a certain group of symptoms. Symptoms, which ANYONE can have for a VARIETY of reasons and these symptoms are not all measurable, like sensitivity to pain. If you looked up all the symptoms for example on [this website symptoms page (cant include the html in the post)] you will see literally over 20 different symptoms. Are you kidding me!?! As if one medication or a chiropractor visit will fix that?

You have widespread pain? If your postures off, that will cause it.
You have morning stiffness? Then you are not sleeping in the right position, causing your body lack of correct sleep, pain, and a tiring day. Not all of us where taught how to sleep correctly as kids. Some people think it is something we all do naturally, well no. Do you tend to sleep on your side? Maybe your stomach? Do you find it hard to sleep on your back?

When you don’t sleep well and your immune system is low and its fall season, when your allergies kick in, or you get sick, yes cold symptoms will show.

Anxiety? Have you ever noticed your posture when you’re anxious? How about your breathing? Sit up straight, use your legs to keep you straight up, not your back or upper neck, and see how your anxiety drops a little bit. You can test that right now.

You have anxiety? Did you know that causes memory loss? How can your brain process information, remember efficiently or even enjoy life when you’re constantly in what I like to call survival mode? Anxiety is your body’s way or warning you that something is wrong.

Sit up straight again, and take two deep breaths, that means breathe in to the point where you have to stick out your stomach to get in more lung space. Just by doing that your anxiety levels drop. Don’t you think if you worked out the right muscles to permanently keep your posture in that position, that it would really improve your life? You have no idea how dramatic that is, and how many other things it will alleviate which I will show you in further detail in another chapter.

The point I am trying to make is, don’t let group studies, a doctor, television ads and so on categorize you as a fibromyalgia patient. These are symptoms that can from many different aspects of your life and all come from a few core problems that people have. Don’t let media and other people take advantage of you by making you believe your sick and then using your helplessness as a way to market you products that fix your sickness, when you know they never do!


Fantod - November 13

Franky -I would like to politely suggest that you set up a separate email address where people can read and contact you regarding your pdf. This forum is intended for support and I feel that your literary efforts are not an appropriate use of the space. Simply reading the various threads will give you a very good idea of what we deal with on a daily basis and the bias of the medical community at large. Good luck with your project.


toots2889 - November 13

I like Fantod, agree that this site is probably not the place for this. I can say this to you, you know what happened to your mom. You have not a clue of what we have to deal with daily as you personally havent experienced it! How can you write a book on something you truely know nothing about.


kvc33 - November 13

Dear Franky, I believe that many people have all kinds of 'good' ideas about how to fix fibromyalgia but the truth is that if I were to read your book it would just be another theory by someone who is not a medical expert trying to convince me that they have found the true answer. I have read the books, heard the theories and tried the protocols that doctors said would cure me and they didn't work for me. Over the many years that I have had Fibro and CFS, I have tried at least two hundred different things. I currently use about twenty things (prescription, drug stores meds, herbs, alternative health care treatments) to manage my condition. I have had to find my own answers and be my own expert. I do not at all agree that people with Fibro are unmotivated to get well, in fact that idea is insulting. The reality is that what works for one person does not work for another, and telling people that what helped your mother will be their answer is wrong too. I am always open to hearing what has helped others but know that if I try it
probably won't work for me. I too agree that this forum is not the place to post your book. I would rather just hear in short form what helped your Mom without the sales pitch. Then members can read it and decide if they want to try it, but if they choose something else that is perfectly fine. Whatever a person chooses needs to be respected. Many times I thought I had found the answer and kicked myself for not finding it sooner only to find out once again that it was not the answer. There are as many roads to wellness as there are people.


Fantod - November 13

I reread your entry today. Fibromyalgia is not a "sickness" or a "condition", it is a syndrome. It is a disorder of the central nervous system that is recognised by the National Arthitis Foundation, the Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization.

You are a self appointed expert who appears to have little or no understanding of the very basics of Fibromyalgia.

All of us would give anything to have our lives back. To say that we are not motivated is cruel and insulting. If you feel free to say that to a group of strangers, I can only imagine what you have said to your mother.

I have reported your thread to the moderator of this board. I feel that your entry is not appropriate. And that you are, in fact, attempting to sell something despite any protests to the contrary.


slb71 - November 14

franky, i have never seen anything insulting and insensitive on this board until now. to suggest that we can all be "fixed" by having better posture...seriously? we are real people with a very real syndrome. until you have PERSONALLY walked in our shoes you have no business imposing your "observations" on anyone.


Stacey373 - November 14

Franky - I understand that you are just trying to help your mother and anyone else who suffers from Fibromyalgia. And I hope that you have helped your Mother to find some relief...even a small amount is something we all seek every day.

Having said that...I have to tell you that you have absolutely no idea what Fibro sufferers deal with on a daily basis. There are times when some of us do get down and depressed because we've taken more than we can stand at the moment. But every single person I've met on this forum have very positive attitudes and we are all open minded and willing to try anything to find some relief for even just a moment. It is extremely insulting for you to say that everyone with this syndrome are always in a "bad mood", "pessimistic", and "close minded." Maybe that's how your Mother dealt with this syndrome, but don't assume that we are ALL like this.

You are like so many doctors and people I've met through the seem to think that by doing some "simple changes" we will be "cured." If that was true...then don't you think we would all be willing to change? I have NO problem (and I'm sure everyone on here will agree) with thinking I've "wasted the last 10 or 20 years" if there really was a cure for this. Trust me, my pride is the LAST thing I care about.

The one thing you should remember while writing this "book" of yours is that fibro sufferers are all different. Our pain and problems vary with each of us and there is no way you can put us all in one category. What might work for one person, doesn't work for another.

And I GUARANTEE if all I had to do was "fix my posture" and all my pain would go away...I'd do it in a heartbeat. But changing my posture isn't going to help me one bit.....I personally know this to be a fact....I've done the physical therapy that focused on my posture and even though my posture is now almost pain has not gone away or even gotten better.

I apologize for being so "defensive" but you have to understand that I, and everyone else on here, have been treated like we are all hypochondriacs for so long that we can't take any more. and while you are saying you "understand," you really are no more willing to validate this syndrome as being REAL, then any of those other people that think this is all in our heads.

I only hope that you and your family can find a way to sympathize and support your Mother without trying to 'fix' her or invalidate what she goes through every day. Maybe you should give her this website so she can talk to people who understand and she won't feel so alone dealing with this by herself.


weemama - November 21

Well,,,hmmmmm, I am speechless....really...are you kidding me right now?



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