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boniva nightmare & having a very foggy day :-(
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belle1329 - April 23

I started boniva 3 days ago on Monday. I was having the site effect of chest/arm neck pain along with a dull headache on Tues, it was raining and I just thought it was a bad
fibro day. Wed morning I awoke with more chest pain and headache so I was looking for info about side effects of Boniva, It brought me to this webpage .. where they had people with all negative comments on Boniva (wish I had thought of checking on it before taking it, but believed in Sally Field and my Dr.) and their side effects. Scared me to death, and do not know if I want to take my 2nd dose next month (monthly dose) I need to take something but I dont know what to do . Is there any other
alternatives? I really dont need this on top of the fibro. Do you think I should tell my rheumatologist, my GYN discovered the bone loss after my bone density test. I am 50 , just found out I was post menopause. Just another day in the life of fibro....
I wrote a thread yesterday about this, but dont see it anywhere, it must be in the fog. I am feeling better today chest pain gone, fibro flair up past, just a bit of IBS this morning along with fog, I consider that a bit better, I dont know what to do anymore :-(
I just noticed below that the cagegory is Diet,(didnt want this posted there) maybe I posted it somewhere else yesterday and did not know it, that would be nice to prove Im not that stupid
:-) :-(
Ok just proved I am that stupid, I just clicked post on this one and I was still in Diet!!! (copied and pasted it to this forum :-( Help!!! get me out of this fog...........................


axxie - April 24

Hey belle, wow now they have you on boniva, well yeah I know about the side affects, like all chemist they may do some good, so will hide the side affects. You need to find out when you talk to your gp if this is the best thing for you.

Alternative are just as good, the thing is, how much has you lost, like all adults, we loose some of the density, it's part of our western lifestyle. We eat too much animal protein, we don't include enough fish and seafood and we don't eat enough fruits and vegetable.

As women age, and had kids, she depletes her calcium, so a calcium supplement is always best, but you also need to up your vit B, D for it to be effective, and you need to get your body to a ph balance of 7.4, quite easy to do, if you slack off the animal protein, coffee, teas, alcohol and any junk food. Drink more water and if you do like milk, then switch to skim milk, orange juice with calcium are all good alternative.

I'm not sure if you are on other medication for your fibro, I'm more stable with cymbalta and by watching my weight and eating right, helps me from fibro flare ups.

Easy to say, hard to do, but manageable.

Hey girl, don't feel you are out of it, you where just under the weather for a few hours, it happens to all of us.

Belle do you have msn, we can chat with others? let us know.



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