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Bone Spurs,Arthritis & Fibro...Pain & walking?
3 Replies
Boltonspa - April 25

I am not new to Fibro..have had it 10 years. I did something stupid and weened myself off of Cymbalta ( mad at price$$ ) and now I have had TONS of problems. I also stopped eating meat about 9 months ago. I have bone spurs in my hip, knee and top of foot. I also have frozen shoulder. I have such pain walking that the limping is causing my knee cap to shift. I have had cortisone shots everywhere and they barely help. I am back on Cymbalta, tramadol and advil besides Skelaxin at night for my muscles.
Please help me with the leg issues...I also started eating meat again last week. I am desperate to walk without pain from my hip down to my calf. what next???


Pikespeak - April 25

Get thee to a good massage therapist--one who will look at your bone and muscle structure, not just the feel-good type massage. I was fortunate to find someone who diagnosed me as having myofascial pain. It's not gone, but I now know how to stretch and get massages to keep it in check. I also wear a small lift in one shoe, as my legs are slightly different lengths...hope this helps!


January - April 25

How long were you off Cymbalta? You know it causes monster withdrawal symptoms (google for info) that can last a year or more? Sometimes the withdrawal causes you to feel pain. Why take it again if it isn't helping the pain and you need all the other meds on top of it? You are setting yourself up for stomach problems and much more. Cymbalta put me into prediabetes. It has given other people liver problems. Did you know it can cause serious side effects like muscle pain? Have you told your doctor how badly you are feeling? Have you had a sitting MRI to check your back?

According to the research, cortisone shots are only effective for very short term use and only work to stop inflammation. I think a bone spur usually requires surgery to get rid of it. If you are getting shots regularly, you might want to read up on that scam. Recent research shows that long term cortisone shots don't help and can damage your nerves and tendons. (Wall Street Journal had an article recently.) Why are you continuing to get them if they "barely help?" The doctors are making a fortune on them and every time you get a shot you are running risks. Pain medicine - to treat your pain - is the most effective thing, if you can get it.

I also have bad shoulder pain which suddenly locked up one day. I just tried DMSO cream. It helped more than anything I have tried so far. The mobility issue improved in just a couple days. I still have pain, but it isn't as bad. I can exercise my arm better than before.

Have you been checked for digestive issues like gluten problems (there is a blood test) and food allergies? You might want to google and read up on acidic versus alkaline diets - and the role meat plays in this. When I went gluten free it considerably helped my muscle pain and my depression.

Sounds like you are really dealing with a lot. Hope you get some help -- maybe you should try another doctor? If this regimen of drugs is NOT working for you, see if you can try something else.


Fantod - April 26

I agree with January - cortisone shots are not the way to go. They depress the immune system which is not something that you want with Fibromyalgia (FMS).

Weaning yourself off of Cymbalta was not the greatest idea. The longer a chronic pain cycle continues, the harder it becomes to manage or stop. And, then there are the withdrawl issues.

I do think that you need to see another doctor and start over. I'd also consider seeing a sports medicine specialist to see what can be done to improve your ability to walk. Orthotics may be very helpful. Get copies of your medical records including any recent bloodwork and xrays to save time and money.

You can go online to your local hospital website and look for the physician referral service. See if you can find a rheumotologist and/or a pain specialist (I have both) with an interest in FMS. Or, you can go online to the National Fibromyalgia Association website and see a list of healthcare providers in your area.

And finally, stop playing doctor and mucking around with your meds. If you are having trouble paying for prescriptions, go online to the drug manufacturers website. They all offer assistance for consumers that can not afford the medication that is needed.

Good luck and let us know how you are doing. Take care.



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