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Body temperature question
18 Replies
Theodora - November 21

No one is Blaming the victim!!! I have fibro too! you select what you like & leave the most important points out! who is blame you? You may not like it but you ladies say things like "I dont expect to get welll, I take 9 medication etc..." that is sad & of COURSE there is no hope for anyone with a set mind like that! GOOD LUCK TOU YOU!!!


Theodora - November 22

For LARRY: I read this info & know that although i often feel HOT my temperture is below 98. this is very good info. Thankyou -I also agree about the adreniline constant rushing... I live in BC Canada & dont think i can see the same kind center/place as you, but i will look in my area for someone who know more about this. does this make you feel wired up- anxious, racing heart, hot surges etc...if so, I do get this, can you tell me more? I feel you are right on too! this is problem that many think there is only ONE WAY to get somewhere... - very limited very wrong. I understand you frustrated with lack of response, I feel like that too. At least we have each other! Many women here think that fibro is a disease (which it is NOT) and keep saying there is NO cure... SYNDROMES AREN'T THE SAME AS DISEASES AND DON'T NEED A "CURE"... IF YOU ADDRESS WHAT IS CAUSE THE PROBLEM SYMPTOMS CLEAR AWAY!!!! this is very sad to just accept defeat + encourage OTHERS to do the same! Terrible Tradgedy! I see many patient with NO HOPE die so much SOONER than those who keep the faith & try to live with hope!!! Promoting "just accepting this" is VERY BAD ADVICE!!! of course accept that there is something going wrong in you yes, but that doesnt mean to GIVE UP!!! pop pills & say "oh well"... I was a nurse for years... I should KNOW!!! Larry, take care, you good man. I am so glad you are feelign better.


Lynne-FT - November 24

I think if the FFC had a magic cure for FM all the National Non-Profit Organizations and the Arthritis Foundation would be singing praises about this place.

I noticed the FFC fees do they offer a self pay price for those who have no insurance? I also noticed heir physicians have opted out of Medicare at this time. Medicare will reimburse the majority of the lab work but if you are on Medicare, you will be responsible for cash payment at the time services are rendered. Why is that... Medicare is not paying them enough?
If this helps anyone then I say great but to suggest the only reason for a low temperature is caused by short circuit is narrow minded. There can be many other factors. I have had my Thyroid tested and have also been to an Endocronologist mine is functioning fine. There are so many variables in FM. To call us worn out is sad we all support each other here and we are all entitled to our opinions, just as you have the right to post about this wonderful place we have the right to choose what we feel is right for our own bodies and minds.

I hope everyone had a happy hoilday.



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