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Body temperature question
18 Replies
larry - November 17

Serious question- what is your body temperature? Mine is 97.9


Stephanie417 - November 17

im confused? right at this moment?.. or like average?
mines been higher than normal for quite some time now.. i used to average around 97.4 now its running like between 98.8 and 99.3


bigalsbrat - November 17

mine also runs 97.9 Maybe a fibro thing Does our bodies run at a lower temp? I dont know


Cloudnine - November 17

My normal body temperature is 97.2


TERESA - November 17

We had a simular question here while back & I think the majority then were running a slightly elevated temp. Mine runs around 99 mostly.


Lynne-FT - November 18 List of causes for the changes in our temps


Patrice - November 18

Unless I am having a flare up, my normal body temperature is below 98.


larry - November 19

Thanks Lynn, I checked out the fibrotalk site however I was disappointed in the info about the body temperature. It was the same as the info on this site where everyone is focused on the symptoms. It states that lower temperatures are from stiffness and sore muscles. That is exactly what uneducated doctors will tell you- just more symptom talk.

Temperature is the measurement of energy.

Every time you eat something your body coverts food into energy at the cellular level. When this food to energy conversion process is working, it means that your glands that control metabolism and other involuntary activities such as regulate temperature, digestion (irritable bowel syndrome) breathing, regulate hormones including memory hormones, depression hormones, sleeping hormones, insulin, (not just sex hormones), regulate communication among the other glands in your circuitry are working. When your circuitry is in place and not blown, then your metabolism is working correctly and the conversion of food to energy is properly working. The way the process of food conversion to energy in the body is measured is by temperature. Temperature measures your body's energy output. A person with normal, 98.6 means their circuitry is in place and operating efficiently, their body is producing the optimal energy. The connection between the adrenal glands, the pitutatary gland, hypothalamus and thyroid, which is your body’s circuitry, is in place and are all communicating with each other.

A person’s circuit gets blown when a person experiences more stress that their body can handle- whether it be a physical trauma like car accident or sexual or verbal abuse or long periods of high stress and adrenaline production,. Very much like what happens in your house when one electrical outlet is over stressed, it then blows a circuit in the house and the communication is broken among the outlets. Next try to picture what happens if you never go to your circuit box to reset it. You are right, you can’t expect to have the lights and electric to come back on in the entire house and have all the appliances in your house work properly. If one of your master glands is not working as properly as it should it therefore effects our body's entire communication system as well- ie, breathing, heart palpitations, lymphatic system backup resulting in pressure points, digestion problems such as irritable bowel problems, and metabolism – the conversion of food into energy. When a person’s food to energy conversion is not working properly it shows up in a person as a lower than the normal 98.6 temperature. This means your body is not producing energy efficiently and therefore fatigue is present. Low body temperature is also an indicator of hypothyroidism which is almost identical to fibro and most doctors can not tell the difference and have a 90% failure in diagnosing either one. To get a proper diagnosis you must go to a fibro doctor that understands this, the odds are 90% against you (unless you go to a center).

I am being treated for chronic fatique, hypothyroidism, adrenal failure and pituitary dysfunction ( in others words- Fibromyalgia) at one of the centers and am 90% better so far. One form of treatment is to blast open the cells for energy conversion by correcting the vitamin deficiencies which make the cells more receptive to energy conversion. Additionally, I am on bio-identical hormones for the adrenals, thyroid, thymus, memory hormones and sleep and serotonin. Taking these hormones is just like a diabetic needing to take the insulin hormone to function properly. BY the Way- when people refer to the "Mind-Body" connection they are referring to this circuit being blown- your mind says one thing but your body does another thing, a breakdown in communication.

Two Questions- How many of you that have a low temperature are also fatiqued?


Did you find this info useful and want to learn more? Please let me know as my husband says I am just wasting my time trying to help y’all out. Is he right or wrong? Are you open to learning more or are you just worn out to the point that it is hard to believe anyone? Best Wishes all.


larry - November 20

I am dissappointed about the lack of comments...


JJ1 - November 20

Sorry, Larry, I forget if you have mentioned this before, but are you affiliated with a Fibro and Fatigue center? You have tons of detail in your posts and it is difficult to see where you are coming from or what you are trying to accomplish. In regards to your body temperature questions, I usually only measure mine when I don't feel good, like coming down with a cold and certainly don't take my temperature enough to tell you what my average body temperature is. When you ask, are you asking for temperatures taking orally with a home thermometer? Would you have to take it the same time every day over a period of time to know your normal body temperature or several times throughout the day over a period of time? There is probably a pretty good amount of error in measuring with a home thermometer anyway. I think you need to come up with some standard way of taking the temperature (i.e, say, taken via mouth three times a day for six weeks or something like that) and have everyone use the same type of thermometer to be able to draw any sort of conclusions from what people post here. For those of you who have reported a specific body temperature, how did you derive those numbers?


JJ1 - November 20

Lynne, Thanks for that weblink. I think that kind of explains how it would be difficult to derive a "normal" body temperature when there are so many things that can affect our temperature at any given time (like just had a glass or ice water or hot cup of cocoa or been outside in snow or didn't get much sleep last night, etc., etc., etc.).


larry - November 20

No I am not affliated with Fibro and Fatigue. I should be!! As I mentioned before, I am a patient that is trying to spread the word that there is help and that you can be healed. The only reason anyone is still sick is because they are going to the wrong doctors, doctors that are still trying to prescribe meds for symptoms as opposed to dealing with correcting the problem at the root. As for what I am trying to accomplish - to let you know there is a real medical explanation as to why you are sick and there is a real medical way to fix this syndrome. And yes, to you people who posted answers to having a lower body temperature- it is a hypothyroidism indicator and a fatigue indicator which means it is a fibro indicator. Your circuit is blown, the communication among your master glands is blown because the gland that is responsible for regulating temperature (thyroid) is not working the way it should be. Best wishes to those of you that are open to learning new info.


JJ1 - November 20

I am so happy this worked for you and that you are compelled to spread the word. I do think it is dangerous for you to say "Your circuit is blown, the communication among your master glands is blown because the gland that is responsible for regulating temperature (thyroid) is not working the way it should be". Certainly this could be a possibility but you cannot diagnose this over the internet simply by asking what someones body temperature is. I could go take my temperature right now and I guarantee it will read low because I just had a glass of ice water.


Theodora - November 21

Larry, I too have post some good news about my friend recovery. i am follow same program & shared the word on this site. It seem like no one care about getting better....just complain, I have seen my post disapear too. this is because they push the button to erase your post! they dont wan hear about cures, they think it is selling something or lies. very sad. i see many psots by you trying to help, still they just ignore you & me or anyone else who talk about anything like getting well. if you talk about drugs or complain about how bad evrything is you will get plenty of responses!!! it finally come down to, helping yourself. you can lead a horse to water you cant make drink...... i am ready to give up too, they will probably erase THIS posting too! the negative NO HOPE post are the one who should GO! that help no body in long run. but i know some people have lost theyre hope completley. this is sad but you cant save the world.


JJ1 - November 21

Theodora, to my knowledge there is no button anyone can push to delete posts. If you think a post is in poor taste, you can report it to the site moderators, but as far as I know only the modertor can get rid of posts. Good day.


barbar - November 21

Some sympathy, please. We are not cattle to be led blindly. It is not that we come here to complain only, rather that when we need help and support, we know this is a place we can come. There is no need to berate us for not being like you or to "blame the victim" and say that we are responsible for own disease because we are too irresponsible to listen blindly to anyone. So what you're saying is that it's our own fault that we are sick because we do not listen to you. Ok. I'll take responsibility for my illness, for my disease and will not continue to insult you with any further complaints. I'm glad you told me all of this. I was wondering who's fault it was that I was sick. Now, I don't have to ask God for the answer. I have your sympathetic genius to inform me. I thank you most graciously.


Theodora - November 21

No one is Blaming the victim!!! I have fibro too! you select what you like & leave the most important points out! who is blame you? You may not like it but you ladies say things like "I dont expect to get welll, I take 9 medication etc..." that is sad & of COURSE there is no hope for anyone with a set mind like that! GOOD LUCK TOU YOU!!!



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