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body shutting down
4 Replies
txsunsets - October 3

does your body ever just shut down on you. last night i was exhausted when i got home from work at one. i laid down and asked my mom to wake me up at 7 because i had a paper i had to write. when she tried to wake me i wouldn't wake up. they tried until 11:30 and had no luck. when they tried to wake me this morning it took them almost an hour to wake up. i took my nuerontin in the morning and that is all i took the whole day. i didn't even take my med last night because i was asleep. that never happens to me. should i be concerned?? =


Anne Hillebrand - October 3

Yes, if all the clear fluid in the body of a person with FMS gets too thick, it's like turning off the power.

Many people use a decongestant - Phenylephrine, and perk right up.


Fantod - October 4

Hello txsunsets - I will try to answer your question with some useful information. FMS is a deblilitating syndrome on quite a few levels. You are dealing with chronic pain, muscle activity whether you are moving or not, emotional issues, sleeplessness, and daily living all bundled into one unhappy camper. The toll is tremendous. Chronic pain all by itself chews up a tremendous amount of energy. One of the best things you can do is get as much rest as possible. Set a schedule and stick to it come hell, high water or emotional blackmail to do something you really can live without. You also need to watch your diet. Protein, not junk is essential. I try to eat small meals 4 or 5 times a day to keep my blood sugar from tanking. All of that being said; this is not a foolproof process. There will be times, no matter what you do that your body is simply going to throw in the towel. The message is "I've had enough. I need to take some time to try and heal." Ignoring one of these episodes will only prolong it or make it worse. Take it from me, it just ain't worth the consequences. This is the hard part. You have to accept it and go with the flow until things start to improve. If that means you sleep for hours (lucky you), are fibro-fogged in and lie on the couch staring at the ceiling so be it. You have had a high level of pain from your back, trying to deal with scary fibro symptoms that are new to you, and a heavy dose of meds. Combine all of that and you have total exhaustion. Grab whatever rest you can and wait it out. Things will get better. I'm still rooting for you. Take care.


txsunsets - October 4

Thank you, anne and fantod. I am stretched to the limit with work and school. i don't know how to change anything due to the fact i don't have time. I know you are going to tell me i have to make time but i have to work and i need to get my degree in order to get a better paying job. I don't know what to do.


trans - October 8

There is a symptom called sleep paralysis, it happens to me often, I hear the alarm and can't move it is like I am made of stone, Eventually I am able to function. This has been going on for me for years.



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