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Body aches all the time-help!
17 Replies
kasbah - March 24

I've just joined and have whole body aching that is making life very difficult indeed. Does anyone else suffer with this? Does anyone know why it happens? Help!!!

Best wishes, Kasbah


Jocelyn - March 24

Hi Kasbah,
Have you seen a specialist for your problem? You sound like you have Fibromyalgia, but you didn't mention if you have been diagnosed or are just having the pains. There are many types of things that can cause your whole body ache, please let me know if you are seeing a specialist. From reading this forum you will see that everyone with Fibro, plus overlapping diseases have at times experienced all over body aches.

Please get to a specialist and find out what is going on with you.

Keep me posted.


Jocelyn - March 24

Hi Kasbah,

I just remembered reading another post that you wrote on a different stream, so I know you are see a Rheumotolgist for your needs. I'm sorry to hear you are having all over body aches. I see where you wrote you are on a Lyrica based drug.

You also stated that your doctor wanted you to buy some sort of Wi Fit that you couldn't afford. I'm not sure what that is, however, have you seen a physical therapist? I was so bad with pains all over I was unable to move. I finally wen to a Physical Therapist and started out with stretching exercises and slowly built up to muscle strengthening exercises which have relieved so much pain. My PT also uses laser therapy to help the pain decrease and get you started on working on this yourself. I am so chemically sensitive that most drugs make me sick so I try to stay away from them as much as I can, however, I do have to take Advil and 2.5 mg of prednisone a day. It is livable and I don't want to take more. Some days are more challenging that others, but I am finally feeling better. I hope this works, but one can never tell, only as time goes by will I prove to myself the Physical Therapy is a good fit for me.

Sometimes the muscles spasms are so bad they make your body sore all over. Good stretches can help with the problem, but you do need to do them daily.

Keep in touch!


January - March 25

Kasbah - you might have a food allergy. My body used to ache like the flu every day. I stopped eating wheat, and all other cereal grains. It took many months, but my body stopped aching. I still have pains in my joints, but not in my muscles.

Another thing, if you are having muscle cramps, it could be that your diet is not giving you enough minerals. You could try a daily vitamin/mineral supplement.


kasbah - March 25

Many thanks Jocelyn and January.

Yes I do see a Rheumie and a Wi-Fit is a popular computer programme that you plug into the telly. It shows you gentle exercises on the screen that you copy.

I am seeing Physiotherapist who is helping me gain strength in my legs as i have osteoarthritis in my knees, hips, back, neck and shoulders as well as having Fibro. My problem is that after doing activity -, e.g. short walk, loading the dishwasher and tidying up for example I suffer from this dreadful all body aching. Stress brings it on too.

I've cut out sugar, processed grains such as white flour, white rice, as well as potatoes and eat a healthy diet-we have an allotment on which my partner grows everything organically.

I'm wondering if flu like aching is a common symptom of fibro. Or could it be related to something else. i've been tested for Rhuematoid arthritis which came back negative.

All the best, Kasbah.


nikita3 - March 26

Looking on the Net for tips on how to better deal with Fibromyalgia, I found an author who stated that pretty much everyone with Fibromyalgia is deficient in Vitamin D, magnesium and phosphates. I already take vitamin D, so I then became interested in researching magnesium and phosphates. I found that magnesium helps with muscle aches and pains which made sense straightaway, that being one of the most common symptoms of Fibromyalgia. I now take a supplement of magnesium - 400 mg a day. It's safe to use because if you have too much, it just flushes out of your system. The only side effect can be diarrhoea and if you get that, then you know you are having too much Magnesium. It may not be a good idea if you are prone to diarrhoea, but otherwise it might be worth a try. Going natural seems to be much better than taking pain killers and other medication to get rid of the aches and pains.


kvc33 - March 27

Try soaking in a epsom salts bath. It is made of magnesium sulfate. Great for relaxing sore muscles. Rice is not a grain that usually bothers people, it is the gluten in grains such as wheat, barley and rye that it the problem.


Tspringer - March 28

Vitamin D and Magnesium can both help. With Magnesium the issue is uptake. In supplement form it can be difficult for the body to adsorb it - most just goes out the other end. Taking it with Malic Acid can help the absorption. Ive got great articles on both these things....



Jocelyn - March 28

I would like to read those articles. Is there anyway you can put them online?


Tspringer - March 28

They are online - on my website, on the Fibromyalgia Treatments page, under "Alternative Remedies" in the left menu.

my site is fibromyalgia-treatment dot com



January - March 28

I've checked on magnesium. Magnesium oxide (what most docs prescribe) is NOT well absorbed.

Chelated magnesium products are better absorbed. They will end in "-ate." Magnesium glycinate does have a laxative effect. Magnesium threonate does not. In my experience.

Also, you can buy skin patches that deliver magnesium through the skin.

Life Extension (which researches and sells supplements) recommends Magnesium threonate, claiming it helps brain function too. They also recommend 5,000 units of D3 a day for most people.


sinkbee - March 29

I just started taking vitamin d,magnesium,a multi,and fish oil. I also started to exercise again.I feel much better even after just a few weeks. Sometimes I think we forget to keep it simple to start out with.


January - March 29

Hi sinkbee! Glad you are feeling better with the supplements! I take SAM-e also, and I think it helps. My rheumy even approves of it, he says a lot of people have been helped by it.


Jocelyn - March 29

Hi January,

Can you tell me exactly what you are taking and how much and where you buy it?

Perhaps, I should add this to my supplements.


January - March 31

Hi Jocelyn - I've read several places that Nature Made is a good brand of SAM-e. (SAM-e breaks down easily, so it's best to buy the blister packs.) It comes in doses of 200 mg or 400 mg. and should be taken on empty stomach or with just a little food. It's expensive, but at times my grocery store runs a half price sale and that's when I stock up. I've also seen it at health food stores and "big box" discount stores.

I have varied my doses, depending on how I feel. I take it when I feel bad, but back off when I don't need it. I have tried doses from 200 mg to 800 mg a day, and tolerated it well. (The dosing is spread out, am and pm.)

HOWEVER… please check with a doctor before using this supplement, especially if you are on medication. Google it and read several sites about what SAM-e does, and its possible side effects, as it can cause problems with certain medical conditions. it should not be taken while pregnant.


kasbah - April 5

Hi All
Thanks for replying. I've tried magnesium and take a vit d and calcium supplement that is prescribed for me, but still feel really ill. What is SAM e? I'm intrigued.

all the best, Kasbah


Tspringer - April 5

I have a good article on SAMe on my site too...

fibromyalgia-treatment dot com /same-for-fibromyalgia

On the treatments page... under alternative remedies.




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