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Blood sugar
6 Replies
belle1329 - April 16

Just wanted to add,along with the Osteo result with my blood work, my blood sugar was slightly low along with trygliceride levels and Im very thirsty all the time and tired. Dr did not seem concerned about the levels. Cholosterol was great!
anyone else have slightly low sugar levels? Thanks again


crafter8 - April 17

at christmas time, my sugar was very high so doc retested and amazingly it was normal. Probably the fibro at work. I am right now having lots of trouble with a nasty UTI, which is a pain literally. i am daily amazed at what changes this illness will cause and why they connect with the neurotransmitters, etc.


axxie - April 18

belle at the moment I would not be overly concern, what you eat can make your blood sugars level fluctuate.

As for drinking water, it can be lots of things, again salt in everything we buy to you drinking too much coffees' and colas to not drinking enough water throughout the day.

I find that when I started taking cymbalta I was more thirsty a side effect and an easy fix.

Could be just your body going through what is called a cycling period, depending what you have eaten once the blood sugars and excess of calcium will allow excess of fluids therefore you need to replenish what you have lost.


belle1329 - April 18

Thanks everyone, Hope everyone feels a bit better today, Im going to try to go out for a walk with hubby and try to enjoy this beautiful day before the rain comes UGH!


JOEGIRL - April 18

Hi BELLE, I don't have trouble with low sugar but I do have low blood pressure at times. I guess its the meds? I know what you mean about being thristy all the time. I drink all the time.I guess its the pain med.
Hope you are feeling better. Sure gets to you being tired. I get so mad sometimes when I want to do something and have to drag myself to do. Guess thats a fibro thing to.


solanadelfina - April 20

Hi there. My blood sugar is usually a little low, and although I've had three doctors swear that it's not hypoglycemia I still have to be careful. The last time I had a piece of birthday cake I ended up getting so zonked that I crawled in bed for three hours.

Basically, you have to listen to your body to hear what it likes and doesn't like, since there are a billion diet suggestions and everyone is different. I bring along snacks to work and have a midmorning one daily, have cut out bananas and grapes, take it easy on the potatoes and whole wheat, and read labels for anything above four grams of sugar in a serving. I like to think of it as giving my immune system flamethrowers instead of water balloons for keeping the fibro under heel, since it seems like that's how we're supposed to be eating anyway.

Good luck, and keep us posted.


belle1329 - April 20

Thank you solanadelfina for the info and will try to be aware of what my body tells me even though I wish it would shut up for awhile, :-) It talks too much lately.
I guess its just trying to be my friend like everyone else here. I appreciate it :-) Thanks to all.



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