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Blood Sugar
13 Replies
cherokee - December 27

My blood sugar drops to about 79 every so often. I bought a glucose testing meter to check it when I start to get dizzy and feel like passing out. My speech starts to slure. I was just wondering if this happens to anybody else?


JJ1 - December 27

I don't check my blood sugar, but I definitely get similar episodes of feeling dizzy.


AmberRose - December 27

I get really faint and sickish feelign when i dont eat enough, i would think it has soething to do with blood sugar because i eat and im better. You need to maybe eat more every so often , like a peice of fruit or something? good luck you should keep a log of your tests and show your doctor maybe you are getting or ahve diabetes?


Lynne-FT - December 28

You should have your doctor run a glucose tolerenance test on you, I went through one a while back and found I am hypogycemic (low blood sugar)
I was then sent to an 8 hour class on how to eat carbs, veggies, protiens ans fruits in certain quanities for meals and certain types of snacks throughtout the day. Blood sugar problems need to be taken care of, Good Luck.


cherokee - December 28

Thanks so much for your responces!


Lyle Anderson - December 28

Is there a history of diabetes in your family? If so, you may wish to talk with your doctor about having routine blood sugar tests.


jdtrust - January 25

It happens to me as well and I eat 4-5 small meals a day. I've been tested for diabetes and nothing. It's really helped eating as if I had low blood sugar.


Lyle Anderson - January 25

Have you checked for diabetes?


dream69 - January 25

Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) is also a symptom of fibromyalgia.The symptoms are: hunger ,
nervousness and shakiness,
perspiration ,
dizziness or light-headedness,
sleepiness ,
difficulty speaking ,
feeling anxious or weak.
Normally diabetes is related to Hyperglycemia (high blood sugar). Hypoglycemia is uncommon in diabetics except as a side effect of diabetes treatment or also if glucagons response is impaired.


dream69 - January 25

Hypoglycemia can also happen while we sleeping. The symptoms are the following: crying out loud, nightmares, Night sweats, and feeling tired, confused, and irritable when we wake up.


charliebrown - January 28

It is supposed to help at night if you take some swiss cheese to avoid dips in blood sugar through the night. I've been getting night sweats, shakeyness (sp?) and have a history of diabetes in the family. Just went for blood tests to make sure, but I think it is low blood sugar.


dream69 - January 28

Your last meal should be only protein to avoid having night sweats.


Lynne-FT - January 28

79 is really not that low I think 70-120 is normal range. Do you also get dizzy when standing up? FMS patients may be troubled by light-headedness and/or balance problems. Fibromyalgia is thought to affect the skeletal tracking muscles of the eyes, nausea or "visual confusion" may be experienced when driving a car, reading a book. Researchers have shown that some FMS patients have a condition known as "neurally mediated hypotension" which causes a drop in blood pressure and heart rate upon standing with resulting light-headedness and nausea.
i have both Hypogyceima and neurally mediated hypotension. Double whammy.


gapakrat - January 30

I have also been dx with hypoglycemia. My father died with brittle diabetes. I begin to have problems when my numbers get to around 85 or so, which is every morning if I don't eat a protein snack before bedtime. My dietician told me that a protein food was better for me when I was having an episode. I, too, check my numbers at least once or twice a day, especially if I am going to be driving a long distance.



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