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Blood pressure problems
5 Replies
Duo - March 9

Just wondering if anyone has blood pressure problems with Fibro. I have had widespread pain for 30yrs but particularly severe in my neck chest shoulders and temporomandibular joint. Attended many hospital apts. but just recently my blood pressure has been extremely high (currently having this checked 2 x weekly until I see consultant next week. I suggested to my G.P. that I wasn't surprised as I do get dreadful headaches from pain in neck and face. She doesn't think it is connected. I have lost faith in my G.P. as it has taken best part of 30 yrs. to get diagnosis of fibro. Anyone else having problems with b.p. (mine has stayed high for two weeks at 199/101). Regards.


AngieB38 - March 10

Hi Duo..I just went to my primary for high blood pressure yesterday. He seems to think it is caused by the Savella. That is a common side effect with that drug. The previous three times I went to him which was end of 2009 my BP was 120/80..117/78..120/78. Yesterday it got as high as 160/111 and then it dropped to 148/94. Today it was a little better. He took me off the Savella. I have to keep track of it for 2 weeks and then go back to see him. Hope they figure out what is causing yours. Take care!!


canadacalling - March 10

Dear Duo: My BP was high many years ago, and I was already dx with fibro, so cannot say that tey were connection. It is high, but fortunately you are seeing someone soon. I also have TMJ. with the fibro, and it does give headaches going from neck and terrible pain in the face. Hope you get some meds. for your BP.


Noca - March 10

I have naturally low blood pressure averaging 105/65 while my resting pulse is about 120-130.


iliveinpain - March 10

Hi Duo, I've had fibro for at least 20 years. I had naturally low bp, 120/70 when I was in my 30's. I'm 55 now, and the last few years I've been borderline high. Docs wanted to put me on meds for it, but it wasn't consistently high. The interesting thing was the last time I was checked out, last month this was, I was at such a perfect reading, it was like 114/70, which was amazing cause I'd been spiking to 145/90. The only thing I did differently that I can put my finger on, is that I went on hormone replacement. However, I have an appointment in the morning, and I wonder what it'll be now. It almost seems like the last time was a fluke. I'm just coming off of a week of incredible personal stress, and mega fibro pain, so if my bp isn't sky high, I'll be pretty amazed.


bbass - March 10

hello duo. it could be medication induced. My bp was 90/60, and when I started cymbalta is went up to 105/75...and sometimes even 114/80. I know that sounds good, but it was quite a jump for me. Now my bp is going crazy, jumping all over the place so I am getting off of the cymbalta to see if that helps. So, maybe your bp is high because of some medication you are on?



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