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6 Replies
Marilyn - August 22

Do many of you experience elevations in blood-pressure when you have a flare-up? It often does for me, and never pin-point "why" it would do that otherwise.

I assume that "pain" has a lot to do with it. But I often wonder if there aren't underlying infections or inflammations that can cause this during flare-ups? Anyone?



toots2889 - August 22

Hi Marilyn, Im by no means an expert on this, but i know that i usually have low blood pressure. When im in pain, my blood pressure rises. Im not sure about inflammation, but could be possible. I dont think i was much help here, but good luck.


mm30 - August 22

hi marilyn, i like toots suffer low blood pressure as a general rule and bad circulation in my hands and feet so much that they turn white and numb.snyways when i went to doctor she told me to come off any stiumlants such as alcohol, tea, coffee , chocolate due to depression and anxiety. ive done so but im only human some times i cant move without a cup of coffee. i notice my blood pressure seems to go through the roof, chest goes red and blotchy and i have like a hot flush...
maybe its stimulants having an affect on you also?? just a thought.


Marilyn - August 22

It could be stimulants like caffeine. I do drink coffee and sometimes Pepsi, and I do like my share of chocolate.

But I don't think so.

B.P. usually stays under control (through meds), even low at times, but occasionally find it high usually during a flare-up of pain and "knots" in the back. Hmmm. It's a curiosity, alright.

Thank you for your posts.


Fantod - August 22

My goes up if I'm in a lot of pain. It can very by 5 - 10 points depending on what is going on. There is no inflammation associated with Fibromyalgia. It would come from an underlying condition such as osteoarthitis. My blood pressure will also spike when seeing a new doctor. I think that the key word here is "stress." Anything that causes stress may make your blood pressure rise. Take care.


Marilyn - August 23

It could be my hiatal hernia, too. I think the pressure against the heart affects b.p. and even the back.

Y'know, I've always read that FMS is a non-inflammatory disorder, yet many associating problems are inflammatory. Like costochondritis, which I've had in the past.

Osteoarthritis is an interesting thought.

Thank you!


bbass - August 24

Here is my experience with blood pressure. I have low blood pressure too. Recently I have been having blood pressure problems when standing up or turning over, or just moving. My heart races also. For me it is an autonomic dysfunction (the automatic system of nerves that control heart,bladder, blood pressure etc.) problem. Fibro is tied into that. Because Fibro is involved with your central nervous system, for me it means that my nervous system is out of whack. Too much stress and wham, your body stops working the way it's suppose to. Don't know if that helps any, it's just my experience with blood pressure.Hopefully you can find an answer.



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