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bleeding between cycles?
5 Replies
Janie - October 9

Does anyone else have this happen? I have always had a regular cycle. but lately I seem to have some bleeding between periods, not a lot, but enough to notice, usually a few weeks between cycles. I have been under a ton of stress lately... it would help to hear from some of the women who have experienced this too. I have friends who have this regularly & for them its completely normal. Is this yet another common FMS symptom for some of us? Any insights? thanks.


JJ1 - October 9

I have been having this lately, too, but in my case, I don't think it is due to FMS. I think I may be approaching menopause (I'm 48).


Heidi-Lee - October 10

I don't think it is a symptom of FMS. It certainly is a symptom of stress though. If it continues for a few months I would get it checked.
It happened to me and I had to change pills to stop it.


Debra4Real - October 10

Hi:Janie I have had the same problem for many years.Sometimes i will bleed for one month straight and then two weeks later start another period.Mine is caused by Endometreosis----spelling??.I have always had bad periods starting from the age of 12. I think that you should see your Doctor about this.Stress can cause alot of problems for your health,but i dont know if it can can break through bleeding.Only your Doctor can really answer that question. Take care..Always Debra.


Heidi-Lee - October 10

As I said previously, stress can DEFINATELY cause it...I had this checked out by my dr. His advice was if it is still contining after a few mths - further tests are needed.


Stephanie417 - October 10

I think its always good to get things like this checked out by a gyno.. simply because there are so many things that go on in a womans body.. It may definately be caused by stress.. but I would follow up with a gyno, just in case.. for the sake of ruling out other female problems or causes..



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