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best friend is now FIBRO FREE...
12 Replies
Theodora - November 19

my best girlfreind is now free of fibromyslgia... it is amazing to behold. she has always been way worse off then me, but we have lean on each other becuase we both have it for many years. she has follow a program by DR SCOTT BRADY called PAIN FREE FOR LIFE (this is a book).... it is miracle cause she was SO BAD before she want to kill herself, no hope, terrible pain etc. I am just start this program for myself, I will post update on how it helping me too. please take my words to your heart, if this girl can be well after over 20 yr of solid fibro pain, anything is possible for us ladies too!!!


Theodora - November 19


Theodora - November 19



Virg - November 19

Way to go for your friend Theodora AND
Good Luck on your programme. Keep us
informed because you never know it might just take something like this to help.


Theodora - November 19

Virg, nice to see you again. you should try this program with me too! a group of us ladies can do together! i still cant believe how good she doing. like a new person, i never thought I would see this day! God is GOOD!


Virg - November 19

I just looked up the web site and it's worth a read. I stopped looking into self help books a while back, but I'll consider this one.


Theodora - November 19

I am read up to page 127 of Dr Brady book as of tonite! so excited to share my story when i too get better. i hope some ladies will follow this post & not only complaining misery ones. Blessed be.


barbar - November 21

Well, Theodora, Merry Meet. Why do the negative ones get more response than the positive ones? I do not know. Teresa and I have tried starting positive strings and we get very little response. Teresa started one on doing good things for yourself and sharing insight with others. Not to many responses. Don't know why. One reason might be that we want to give support and comfort to those having negative experiences so a lot of us respond to one of us in need. Blessed be.


JJ1 - November 21

barbar, I think you hit the nail on the head -- we may respond more to those who need help (therefore seemingly responding more to "negative" posts. Just because we don't respond to a specific post does not mean no one read it or no one took the information presented into consideration. This is not a popularity contest to see who gets the most response. Let's try to stop judging others and why or why not a particular posting gets less dialog going than another.


Theodora - November 21

Did anyone even go to the link I post & READ it? probably not. I wish you would. God Bless.


larry - November 22

Hi Theodora,

I went to the site and thought it was right on!!! People that are perfectionist will eventaully wear their systems down to the point of getting sick. I especially got a kick out of the "Right-fighter" personality, those that will go to their grave being "right" in their thoughts no matter how devasting the consquences are.. It does make sense. Pls kep us posted on your progress.


Theodora - November 22

Thankyou so much Larry!!! I also agree with you about the adreniline constant rushing... I live in BC Canada & dont think i can see the same kind center/place as you, but i will look in my area for someone who know more about this. does this make you feel wired up and anxious, racing heart, hot surges etc...if so, I do get this, can you tell me more? I feel you are right on too! this is problem that many think there is only ONE WAY to get somewhere... - very limited very wrong. I understand you frustrated with lack of response, I feel like that too. At least we have each other! take care you good man. I am so glad you are feelign better.


Theadora - December 9

Larry! I am 90% better now!!! I see you have been fighting these crazy witches still, you go man! i cannot take the misery from the peanut gallery so i am not coming here anymore. don't need to any way, i am better after so MANY years!!! you are good guy, chin up, be strong and happy! good luck to you!!! anyone who doesnt want to listen to someone tell you you will always be sick, cant get well, tell them to shove it!!! Read book by Dr Scott Brady. this doctor also had fibro and cured himself. he know what you go throughh. this is no special diets or cream or pills... you need to only read, write, and open you mind to let wellness in. I can say my life is changed. i am on my trip to Hawaiii tomorrow... PAIN FREE!!! So you can do it too! Be positive and dont beleive the LIAR who say you will always suffer, never get better, just dope up on pills, treat symptoms, etc... Best of health to all you good poeple. Amen! Life is GOOD!



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