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Best Bed
5 Replies
Lady Di - May 15

Newcomer to forum. With all the chronic pain I experience I can only sleep on my back with my knees up (and want to read with my head up) - therefore I'm going to purchase an adjustable bed. Does anyone know or can suggest which just might be the best bed for me. Usually there are big sales during Memorial Day and that's when I would go shopping. Hope you can help .. . God Bless and Take Care, Di


VictoriaB - June 2

My next bed will be a Tempur Pedic bed, they are made from the space material and a friend of mine with a bad back said he had never rested this well in his life! They are exspensive but he said that he bought a generic type!


lioness2082 - June 27

Re: VictoriaB's answer- When I was shopping for a new bed, I tried the TempurPedic but it actually caused me pain and was uncomfortable. My Fibro/Pain Management doctor suggested a Latex Foam mattress. It sounds similar, but was much better in my opinion. And less expensive! I've had it for 4 years now, and still absolutely love it!


katrinas - July 17

Hi Lady Di
In aswer to your bed questions....I have a great deal of pain when I lie down. I have tried a stiff bed, a pillow top water bed, a memory foam bed, a large pillow top soft bed, an adjustible air bed (like the one Lindsay Wagner advertises and a hospital bed. Which one can I sleep in?? None of them. So I have been sleeping in a recliner for years. I think you will be happy with the hospital bed, with the exception that the mattress may be a little hard unless you special order it. Best of luck!


angela williams - July 29

I bought a $6,000 Tempurpedic adjustable and it hasn't helped a bit.


fibrosufferer - July 30

I just bought a $75 pillow...I know sounds nutzzz right? But it helps. I also got a eggcrate bedding from the doctor upon release from the hospital for my second neck fusion and it HELPS allot! I've found without proper rest it enhances pain and suffering. GOD BLESS YOU and I will pray for you. Sincerely, V



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