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Been in Unexplained Pain for 6 Months Now...
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Stasya30 - July 17

Hello everyone,
I've begun to believe that I may possibly have fibromyalgia. It started suddenly in January 2012 with a sharp, burning pain in my spine between my shoulder blades. Over the next two months, I had joint pain in my hips, spine, knees, wrists, fingers, knuckles, tailbone, ankles and toes. It was migratory, would stay in one or two joints at a time for up to a week then move to another. I had been on several pain relievers (motrin super strength, Tylenol regular strength, naproxen and Vimovo) and nothing seemed to work. I still get cracking/popping in my joints, mostly my hips. The cracking doesn’t hurt, but I definitely feel movement. However, this doesn’t concern any of the doctors I’ve seen. The pain started to go away in April (but came back two weeks later), then I noticed that it was more affected by the weather. If it was about to rain, I would start to ache; if the barometric pressure started to fall or rise too much, I would also hurt. I’ve had blood tests and an x-ray and everything’s come back “normal”. Since April/May the pain hasn’t been too bad, but the only thing that works now is Tylenol Muscle Ache and Body Pain 650 mg x 2 every 6 to 8 hours at least five to six times a week, once to twice a day.
I didn’t have a family doctor at the time, so I was going to walk in clinics trying to get help. I had to plead my case to one doctor to finally get a referral to a rheumatologist. I saw the rheumatologist last week and she said she didn’t believe that it was arthritic. She did a few pressure points and they really hurt, more than I anticipated. She said my muscles were tense, and I was surprised because I thought my pain was coming from my joints. She ordered a nuclear bone scan for my back (which is my main problem, everything originates from my back pain). I’m concerned about the scan because I don’t know what that will prove.
I just learned that an aunt of mine had fibromyalgia, and she was diagnosed years and years ago at age 25, (I will be 30 in September). I made an appointment to see the rheumatologist again because I have new issues I want to bring up, but I hope she doesn’t think I’m over reacting. Today is a bad day. The humidity is high, the temperature is 43C with the humidity factor and I had to leave work early because of the overall pain. My knees ache and are stiff, my hips burn and ache on the sides, my upper and lower back hurt. When I touch my knees, chest near the collar bone, or my hips, or my elbows, it’s excruciatingly painful like a deep bruise. It makes walking difficult and sometimes I feel like I’m walking uphill even on a flat surface.
I feel like I’m going crazy and that doctors are going to think that too! On a side note, I’ve been through trying to be diagnosed once before for bipolar and went many years before being diagnosed and thinking I was going crazy.
Does this sound like anything anyone else is going through? Is there anything I should mention to the rheumatologist when I see her next month? I’m starting to keep a log of my bad days, and noting the weather or anything that may trigger my pain. I hope that will help me remember to mention key points to the rheumatologist on my next visit.
Thank you everyone.


Jocelyn - July 18

There are many people with Fibro that have your symptoms, so yes, you could have Fibro. BUT...before you are label with the "Fibro" word, your Rheumy needs to run many test to rule out any other possible autoimmune problem or physical problem. Having a scan done of your back will be good. It can tell if arthritis or some disc's are having problems causing you the pain. I have been through many doctors and many test. Just keep on complaining and going. If one doctor can't help you, try another until you find relief.

There are some really wonderful post if you search in the upper blue box. You may find some who has the same symptoms as yourself.

Keep us posted and good luck.


January - July 18

Hi stasya 30 -- Your pain sounds very similar to what I had, and have. Be careful with the NSAID drugs, they can seriously harm your kidneys! Tylenol, even in small amounts, can harm your liver. I was taking too much of these drugs, so my wonderful old doctor put me on pain meds - it worked wonders, but you must still keep the dose low. I cut the pills up and just take a little. I tried the antidepressants, many different kinds, and they made me feel terrible physically AND emotionally. For me, the best answer was low dose Percocet and Lidocaine patches with a heating pad. (I take milk thistle to protect my liver.)

I figured out I had severe food allergies, but I don't get immediate symptoms like hives or diarrhea. I have "delayed food allergies" - which are different in terms of body chemistry. The symptoms come up a few days or weeks later, and can range from exhaustion and pain to depression, insomnia, nightmares, bloating, joint pain, migraines, skin rashes, mouth blisters, etc. Weird stuff that doctors could not diagnose well, because they don't know about food allergies. I just "happened" to find an article about celiac disease and all its complications, which include PAIN! You can now get a blood test to screen for about 90 different food allergies from LabCorp, so before you change your diet, it would be smart to get a test for food allergies. Once you stop eating something, the test is no longer accurate.

Going gluten free stopped many symptoms, and entirely eliminated my muscle pain and migraines, also my depression. It took a year for me to lose the muscle pain, but I did! I was later diagnosed to with celiac disease (the severe form of gluten allergy) by a specialist. All my blood work normalized on this diet. Celiac disease is genetic, and causes malabsorption of nutrients, so your body never builds up like it should -most of the time it is "silent," and the only symptom most people have is depression! 97% of us are not diagnosed! Gluten refers to gliadin, a protein found in wheat, barley, rye and other cereal grains. 15% of us are also allergic to avenin, found in oats. Many of us are also lactose intolerant, and diabetes runs in our families. It is almost impossible to find processed or packaged foods that don't have some kind of "sauce" or "flavoring" that includes gluten. If you read the label, the package must say if it contains wheat. You would not believe how prevalent this is! Most soy sauce is made from wheat! Gluten is in condiments, soda pop, salad dressings, packages of frozen veggies! The diet is not hard to follow, but it's hard to find food that you can eat because most of our food comes in a box!

In later life, celiacs get various things like autoimmune disease. I'm allergic to other foods and by keeping a careful diary, I figured out some of them - I'm still working to find out what else! When I eat a REALLY simple diet, just rice, meat and fresh veggies and fruit, in a couple weeks I feel MUCH better! Search the blue box at the right for "food allergy" or "gluten" posts - don't want to repeat myself endlessly! Nutrition is the key to a lot of our problems. Food is medicine or poison to us.

My back pain is due to old injuries and congenital conditions - it has been excruciating at times, and referred pain can cause muscle pain. I have stenosis, and it makes the muscles at the back of my thighs hurt - I noticed this when I was in my 30s, but never knew what it was. I had CAT scans that showed nothing serious. What diagnosed me, loud and clear, was a sitting MRI. These are not available everywhere, but I saw an ad for them locally and my doctor prescribed one. Instead of lying on your back, you sit in the machine - this gives a MUCH better, clear picture of where you have herniated disks or other spinal or vertebral abnormalities. Highly recommend, if you can get one. It clearly showed that every disk in my lower back had problems! NOW they believe me! I also have aching hips, and the pain moves around - I'm not sure what this is.

As for the knee problems, I have found a product called Replenish helps a LOT. You can get it at The Vitamin Shoppe. It has biocollagen II, made from chicken bones. (There is research out showing that some of us get autoimmune reactions, where our bodies attack the joint tissues and damage the collagen there. Chicken collagen is similar to ours, so by taking it, we accustom our bodies to the collagen, and it stops our immune systems from breaking down our collagen. you can google and research it.) I also take hyaluronic acid, Vitamin D3, Vitamin K7, and a multimineral/multivitamin, etc. As everybody is different, it is very important to get your blood tested, and to work with your physician, nutritionist or pharmacist if you take supplements.

Like you, weather makes my joints painful. Excessive heat or cold and high humidity also aggravate it. So I really can relate to your post! I've had lots of doctors offer me antidepressants (BAD for me!) and just as many offers of cortisone shots. I refuse them also. They are usually painful, you run the risk of infection if things aren't completely sterile, and research shows that in the long term, they can cause MORE pain. They only work to quiet down inflammation for the short term. There is something called sarapin that some people have been helped by, but again, an injection into a joint runs the risk of causing an infection.

We used to have a wonderful member on here, named Fantod. If you put her name in the search box on the right, along with anything you want to research, you will come up with some of her many posts. She was extremely knowledgeable about fibromyalgia, pain and its treatments.

Please come back and let us know how you are doing and what you found out. This is a wonderful place to share what we know and to learn from each other. I have learned a LOT on here, and it's helped me manage the fibro better!



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