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Beds, which type?
9 Replies
Olivia - June 21

Has anyone had any experiences with buying beds? My beautiful husband has told me to find the best bed i can to suport my aching body. I have never done this before, what should i look for? Are latex matresses any good? any help is apreciated. Thank you.


JB - April 3

I have a Sealy Posturpedic ultra plush foam mattress (Emerald Elite Edition) & really like it.


SC - April 4

I have a temperpedic bed (as seen on TV) that I purchased after 2 car accidents when I was getting only a few hrs of very poor sleep, it has been a God send.


Jessie - April 4

I'm not sure about mattress types (I'm in the market myself). However, I do have a bed "warmer" which is put on under the fitted sheet. I turn it on a few hours before bed and when I finally lay down, it is just total relaxation. I highly recommend it. Good luck!


Jean - April 7

Anything that you think will make you comfortable. What works for one may not work for the other.


Tracy - April 14

I got a sleep number bed almost a year ago I still don't sleep but atleast I don't feel pain or pressure I love it!


debbie - April 14

my daughter just got on of number air beds and she loves it.


scar;ett - April 30

I just tried a Dormia and it was unbelievable. I left almost in tears because I couldn't afford it. Mattress & Box springs were 2,000 and you could get the electronic part that shapes around you and has heat and vibrate for another 1,000


Carmen Cartwright - June 19

we have a sleep number bed with dual adjustments and they are great, but the icing on the cake is the ewequilt mattress pad. avail at or -- i think the price is best from immune support but certainly check it out. I even brought it to the hospital when there for several days and believe me I couldn't have slept without it.


Anne - June 21

After we determined a new bed might help, we purchased a Simmons Beauty Rest Eurotop. It's like a pillow top and is very comfortable. I think the new mattress has really helped me sleep.



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