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bed time
13 Replies
belle1329 - May 16

as soon as I lay down at the end of the night i feel body ache , hot/cold burning skin. It seems I feel or notice my pain more while resting. Does anyone else experience this? In the morning I feel the same with musle tightness and the feeling I just cant get up, but force myself to after about an hour and shortly after I get up Im ok. I was doing very well with exercise, but my husband just recently had a stroke and I have not been exercising at all and have been under much stress of course so I am now again feeling the pains and symptoms again :(


kvc33 - May 16

Most likely you do feel your pain more at rest because there is nothing to distract you from it. Our brains can not simultaneously process movement and pain even though to us we can not tell that it is working that way. Of course you have to go to bed at some point so I suggest listening to a relaxation tape at bedtime or taking a bath if that lessens pain for you. I'm sorry to hear about your husband. Please keep up with movement and exercise (you can do it at home) as that is what is best for both you and your husband. Don't let the stress of your situation take over. Decide that you are in charge again.


Jocelyn - May 16

I had an unusual experience with pain when lying down. Usually, I am in less pain when I lie down. However, after walking my dog for many days, I noticed when I went to bed, my legs ached and ached. When I stood up, the pain subsided. It drove me crazy. Even Advil didn't make it better. Anyway...It has now gotten better since I am now exercising regularly.

Strange things to happen.


kvc33 - May 17

I found a great product called Tired Leg Gel by Montagne Jeunesse. Great for when you have overdone it with exercise or are just having a bad day. It comes in little packages that cost a couple of bucks. I find it at drug stores.


belle1329 - May 17

Thanks everyone, hopefully Ill return to excercising soon! Hard to do watching husband he needs 24 hr care and Im pooped with not sleeping much. The pain I experiences when lying down is not just legs its my whole body and very hard to explaine. Skin burning , chills just achey :( Hopefully it will get better as soon as I get back to the routine. :)


Jocelyn - May 17

I'm sure your situation is causing you to feel worse. Is you husband recovering or will he be ongoing care?


belle1329 - May 18

He is now home under 24 hour supervision.... he is a difficult patient congitively. He also needs OT and PT and speech for cog. It will still be a difficult road, even more difficult now as I will be his care giver until he is fully recovered. He is walking well 65 percent, arm only about 45 percent , speech is fine , cog reasoning is about 80% Very Stressful :(


Jocelyn - May 19

Bless you Belle,

You are doing amazing things with all your own health problems to deal with on top of helping your husband recover! It sounds as if you husband suffered a severe stroke...whatever caused his problems, my prayers are with both of you. I hope your husband makes a speedy recovery so that you can get back to taking care of yourself.

As they say, I wish I could help you, but you are under a tremendous amount of stress and it seems to be taking its toll on you.

Do you have any family reinforcements? Even if for a few hours?

My thoughts are with you and your husband as you journey through this tough situation.

Take care and stay in touch if you have time :)


fibromite.u.k. - May 22

I once asked my doctor why I ached more when I laid down in bed and relaxed. She explained that when your muscles relax as you are laying down that they aren't giving the support to your other muscles in the way they would when you are up and about and active. So none of your muscles are getting any support and that makes them all ache more. Doing more exercise would eventually strenghten the muscles. I can see what she meant, it does make sense when you think about it. I hope that doesn't sound too much of a muddle.


Jocelyn - May 22

Nope, makes sense. My PT is a true believer that you have to try and stay as active as your body will let you and you will feel better. I know there are people on this site that cannot do any type of activity, but I feel, in my situation, it does help.


January - May 23

belle - sending you prayers - being a caregiver is an act of love, but sure takes a toll on you. Take care of yourself.

kvc - what's in the tired leg gel?? My legs hurt more now - but I think it's lack of exercise. And getting old? I suspect exercise would help with blood circulation too. And I should be working on that… just so exhausted lately!

Jocelyn, I agree, exercise is the best thing. On the latest show I saw by Dr. Daniel Amen, he said they found that exercise was the BEST thing for your body AND your brain health too! People who exercise increase the blood flow to the brain and have bigger brains.

I also find that I hurt more when I lie in bed for long periods. It is true that we need to keep muscles strong to support the body structure. The people I've seen who age well are the ones that just keep on going. But they seem to have the energy to do it - and I don't. I can knock myself out pretty quickly!

Fibromite - it's good to see you here! I hope you are doing well. I know you had a rough year. How are you feeling?


Jocelyn - May 23


It is difficult when it knocks you out. I get knocked out too. There are times on the weekend that I take a nap after being as active as I can. I do have to push myslef, it is not easy making yourself do things when you really are too tired to do it. My husband is always on the go...I tell him I can't stand him!!! He knows I'm joking, he does a lot for me and is very encouraging as well.


January - May 24

I have a good friend who has an autoimmune illness -- so it's nice that we both understand the illness issues. But the funny thing is she takes steroids and she is going 150% alllll the time!! Sometimes, it just doesn't sink in with her, like if I'm having a flare, I am only going at 50%, and I can't keep up!! Good thing we can laugh about it.


kvc33 - May 25

The list of ingredients in the Tired Leg Gel is very long, January and I'm not really sure what the most active ones are. I suggest you search for it and decide for yourself if you want to try it.



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