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bed of bricks
7 Replies
mandy x - February 8

Hi am new to this forum and have been reading all the blogs I feel so validated when I read what you all say and feel, as I believe I have fms. I have chronic low back pain, pain and weakness in both legs, fatigue ibs the list goes on. What I wanted to ask is does anyone feel as if they are lying on bricks in bed that hurts their whole body? look forward to your replies thanx


Gabbie - February 9

Hello mandy. Yes, there are times that every part of me hurts and lying in bed trying to get some sleep can be so painful. I would suggest you see a rheumatologist who works with fibro patients so you can find out for sure if that is what you have. You certainly have some of the symptoms of fibro but there are other things that can mimic it so it is important that you have the proper tests which include blood work to rule out any other problem. I wish you well.


mandy x - February 9

Thanks Gabbie for your reply what your saying is defo true. I have been in pain for about two years now but believe it started earlier. I have had numerous blood tests, an X-ray that has shown nothing. I recently went to the musculoskeltal clinic at the Royal and I was told I should be happy that they could find nothing serious. I was but a part of me wanted them to find something so I couold make sense of the pain I am in. I said to my friend what if everything is connected and it was then that I came across fibro and reading all that I could find on this condition everything makes sense and the peices finally fit. I am going back to the hospital next week and I am going to ask about seeing a rhuemotologtist. Thank you again for your words of support and care take care mandy


melodiblue - February 14

Yes I feel the same way. It is very hard for me to fall asleep without the aid of sleep meds. And when I wake up and start moving everything hurts. All I seem to do lately is want to break into tears or scream out loud because the pain is getting unbearable.


Fantod - February 24

I was just on an xray table for some tests and I thought I was going to die. The pressure of the hard surface against my body almost brought me to tears. That was earlier this week and I am still not over it. I hop you will follow through with the rhuemotologist to see what is going on. Take care.





stephani - March 22

hi mandy,
i can also relate to the bed of bricks. and i too have gone for soooo many tests, and everything is always good. i get angry because if everything is good why do i feel like i am dying. i was diagnosed with fms and cfs in january but i have had it for at least 3 years. i only hope that all of us can find some relief somewhere because the quality of life declines so much with fms. wish you all the luck. god bless


Wonka - March 31

I bought a memory foam mattress and it has made sleeping a less painful experience.



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