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Be part of Dr. Oz show,tell it like it is to live with Fibro
11 Replies
axxie - December 8

Share Your Story!

Do You Have Fibromyalgia?
Do you suffer from Fibromyalgia? Is chronic pain a part of your daily life? Do you sometimes feel frustrated because doctors and friends & family don't always understand your condition? Do you want to share your story on The Dr. Oz Show and create awareness about this condition? Please respond only if you're willing to tell your story on camera.

Common gals and gentlemen, go speak about fibro.... on the show, go visit his site.
I wish I could go, but unfortunately I am in Canada.


Canada17 - December 9

Aww! I guess I am out too axxie. That would be so awesome to do though! I really do believe that we all have a responsibility to become an activist in some way. The more people who know about FM means more people will study and research it. The more research that is done means better treatments and maybe even one day a cure!

I have met many people who have heard of FM, or know someone who has it but they don't know what it is. Even when I explain it in a pretty layman's term "Widespread chronic pain with pain amplification, plus a myriad of other symptoms." people really don't realize to what degree I am talking.

Who better than a Fibromite to be interviewed to help create awareness?? Maybe they will have one of these shows in Canada and you might see me on TV one day!!


axxie - December 9

Hey Canada17, that would be awsome if there was a show like that in Canada. But we don't and I figure we wil never have. These shows need large audiences and the US has a population of 308 million we are close to 34 million, big difference if you know what I mean. The only thing we have going for us, is we have the largest terrirorial, but lots of it is not liveable. It's ok, we have still have loads to offerings like free health care, pension plan, good unemployment and strong housing market, we do have a better monetary system. Debt to income ratio is better in Canada, actually Canadian ratio over the past 20 years has been linear as the US as been more volatile. Same with Net wealth as a share of disposable income, which is a very important ratio, that would be debt to income ratio, the US is lower than the Canadian ratio. And I could go on. But I'm not here to trash any country. My parents are all affecianado to Texas and I have spent all my teen age years in Texas and then again I lived there and I feel right at home there. Then I also like living in England and I also lived in India and China. All the countries have something that brings back good memories for me, so it's hard, for me, because they are all my home because I spent so much time travelling (my father was always travelling and I always tagged along). It was fun and interested and there was nothing to could stop me from being with my dad even if it meant losing school days.


Fantod - December 9

I went to the site and registered. Now we wait....


axxie - December 9

OOOOOOOOO I hope you make it, you will be a great spokesperson to talk about fibro..... I hope you get on......


iliveinpain - December 9

OMG Fantod, I SO hope you get on!!!


Fantod - December 9

Thanks for your support everyone. I'll be the person with the pink carnation in her


linda brown - January 15

Hi axxie, I live in Eufaula alabma and i wouldn't mind going on the show. the world needs to know what we go thru. and so many doctors don't even believe us. it's more than just eating the wrong things or just in our heads. i watch the show all the time and I love dr Oz and really value his opinons and have been looking to c if he would ever do a show about fibromyalgia. I've heard it mention on Oprah with him as a guess, but he didn't go into enough detail. thanks


Noca - January 16

Im in Canada too. The A&E show "Obsessed" contacted me about wanting to interview me about my OCD though. So I might get on TV afterall.


jerrybaby - March 13

does anyone know if this has already aired?


Duo - March 14

What an opportunity - shame I'm in U.K. !!! If I could afford the air-fare, I could't sit on the plane that long. lol. Good luck


huskymom - April 4

I would love to share my story, mainly because this is destroying my life. I am a mother of two boys, one is married and out on his own, my youngest is 16 and into sports. It is really killing me that I am unable to attend most of his events. I find myself making plans only to have to cancel for I have days I can't get out of bed. My feet swell, my hands swell and I feel like my head is going to explode. I am back into school at the age of 51 because I was a factory worker and I am having alot of problems with fibro-fog. Ijust last week went on meds to help with that, lets hope it works. I also take a muscle relaxer for bed time to help my muscle to sleep, and I take Cymbalta for the fibro. Yet, even with all this, if we have a rainy day or a big change in the weather, I find my self stuck in bed, for it is too painful to get up. My arms hurt all the time and my shoulder and neck are painful daily. this is a terrible way to live. What makes it worse is that insurance companies don't want to cover certain meds. and don't understand why the doctors must try several before they find the combination that works for each patients. Now between med. and my other bills, and the fact I only draw unemployment I too am about ready to file bankruptacy. This doesn't help my depression at all.



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