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12 Replies
MOON PIE - September 9

lets share some recipes. I love smoked sausage & grits. chicken breasts on the barbie sounds fab.... sprinkling of the lemon pepper. calling all cooks.... lets grill our troubles away, shall we? YEEEEEHAWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!


allison - September 7



TERESA - September 7



Lisa - September 7

I'm a simple gal myself.... give me a nive hotdog & a beer & I'm happy as a clam. LOL.... you could probably throw those on the BBQ as well ;)


Virg - September 7

like I said on my other post, pork can be tasty too. I like a nice maple glazed ham every once in a while. lean and delicious.


VEGGIE GIRL - September 7

as a vegetarian I think I speak for everyone when i say that if you keep talking about MEAT like that i am gonna puke! it just isn't right. go to or something!


Melanie - September 8

I'm sorry that is WAY off topic, but I got a big belly laugh going! I really needed a laugh.... thanks for the hoots & jokes people!


Virg - September 8

hey chef virg is that your real name


Dani - September 9

I have a great recipe for an apple butter pork loin- I found it on the website- everyone loves it and its easy to make! Chow!


Lorna - September 9

better watch out.... Debra will sick eternal hellfire & damnation on you for making pork-chop jokes! she's "horribly disgusted with us all" .........WHO CARES!!!! I think this pig-talk is pretty funny myself, I'm not worried about the "pearly gates"..........


Missy - September 9

Your starting all over again with this Debra stuff.Your all messed up.Why pretend to be someone that your not.Your all ill in the head.


Virg - September 9

Lemon risotto with shrooms and salmon fricasee, yummmie! gelatinous chicken livers piled on a bed of bib lettuce with a spicy curried clam mayo... a delite! Lamb kebabs with plum chutney on peameal toasts..... WOW! how about some chocolate covered eggplant fritters with honey mustard glaze on the side for dippin'.......... YEEEEHAWWWWW!!!!!!!!


Virg - September 9

hey missy, take a chill pill........ lighten up it's just BBQ crock pot talk! miss manners!



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