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Barbar, Teresat
5 Replies
Virgie - December 9

Gosh girls you've been naughty again. my my ! O how I wish we had smilies!!! You aint gonna get anywhere.
We could all be in the slammer soon. Do you think we could deck the halls and maybe contact the editor to get a gripe category ? Let me tell ya I sure could use it!
Luv YA!!!!************************&quo
NO FUN WITHOUT HEAD BANGER AND HAPPY FACE SLAMMERS . well my guy has come home is fed and
all is well with the cats and am praying for no flare tomorrow !


Jeri - December 9

hi again virgie. i dont get your post? what do you mean you are going to the slammer soon?


Jeri - December 9

and what is a head banger? LOL.


teresat - December 9

Yea.... I just can help myself!! LOL I'm not to worried!! I think the site monitor can REALLY see NOW who are the TROUBLE MAKERS & who are the victims of attack!! They even got YOU last night!!!! SHEEEEEEE'S BAAAAACK!!!!!!! All is well with Bobby too!!! He's just lying around licking himself like the good ole days!!! LOL I've been in a really bad flare the last few days!! Do you get fever blisters when you have been really stressed or upset? BOY I do!! MY entire mouth & chin are covered with them! I NEED SMILIES TOO.....HA, HA!!!!!! SEE YOU THERE!!!!!


Virgie - December 9

Hi Jeri, I was trying to make light of a situation. Slammer meant that we could get kicked off this site because some don't agree with the post. Headbanger is a smilie banging its head against a cement wall. Some sites provide different expressions through characters that add meaning to your post and it lightens up the whole post.
Hope you're having a good day!


Virgie - December 9

Eh Teresa, sorry about your fever blisters, I don't get those. I couldn't find the post where I got tagged but it's not important because I am back. I also got a jab about using Virgie, I use it on the other sites and just brought it along here. It's cookie bakeing day today so I'm off to that square thing in the kitchen with a window on the door staring at me.
Hope your flare is almost over. Make sure you get some rest. Theres a blanket with your name on it.



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