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Bad Snoring
5 Replies
KateT1969 - November 14

Like today I only just found out that my snoring - yes bad snoring - is caused from this , I am 40 female - single - recently have been connecting with a man that makes my heart melt , 2 nights sleeping next to me and he wasn't too keen to come back, how heart wrenching can this disease be ..


KateT1969 - November 14

Does any one else have this problem ?


axxie - November 14

Hey Kate, there this laser operation that can be done to cure your snoring. Have you tried nasal strips you put on your nostrils. I used them if I'm congested, there the clear ones, so no one really sees them. Another suggestion is to sleep on your side, with a pillow under your leg for support, apparently this helps with curbing the snoring.

Hope things get better.


Canada17 - November 14

I have read that snoring and sleep apnea can be a symptom of FM, luckily it is one that I don't have...I would wake myself up if I snored.

My husband snores like a chainsaw, sometimes a freight train! He doesn't have FM. We knew pretty well instantly that we were meant for each other and I wasn't about to let his snoring get the best of our relationship.

My husband can't keep those nose strips on his nose and while I have to coax him onto his side while he's sleeping, he still snores.I invested in some ear plugs (not much of an investment as they are super cheap).

Perhaps you could consider asking him out for dinner and seducing him. Then give him a nicely wrapped box of ear plugs. He'll know you want him in your bed and he'll have no excuse for not staying the night.

That is, of course, as long as he is not just using your snoring as an excuse to not stay the night. Sometimes men will look for any reason to run, those guys aren't worth chasing.


KateT1969 - November 15

thank you Axxie and Canada17 my snoring wont stop when on my side back or front - will be going to the doctor to find out what is available - nasal strips sound ok if I dont get a reaction to the plastic but i guess when or if he is there anything is worth a shot - he snores too but I got the do you know you have really bad snoring - haha MEN !!


KateT1969 - November 16

Went to the docs today - got a referal for sleep apnea test and got a ct scan to do tommorow - headaches are bad like a migrane so will get checked



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