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Bad fall on Saturday.
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fibromite.u.k. - August 21

I was at a car boot sale on Saturday and had a really nasty fall. I was just walking along and my right foot turned under me and I went down quite hard onto the grass. As I fell, I had all sorts of things going through my head, including the fact that I had turned over like that eight years ago and broken my ankle. Because of that, I sort of twisted myself to the left as I fell, and my left foot went under me as well. I banged down onto my left side.

I didn't think I had done too much damage, dispite the pain, but my husband took me to the emergency dept at the hospital. While we were waiting, I kept saying that I was sure I hadn't broken anything like before. Imagine how I felt when the x-rays showed that I had broken both my ankles. One badly and the other more mildly. I am also bruised up my arms and and very shaken. I am now in heavy plaster on one leg and the other has to have a support sock. It is so hot wearing them this weather. I haven't slept properly at night since it happens, but want to sleep all day.

I have been told to go back to the hospital in two weeks and will probably have to wear the plaster for about another two to four weeks after that.

I am so fed-up, as it is bad enough aching with fibro and arthritis and now this on top. I have been told not to put any weight on my feet, but I have to do that a little bit at times. I am on steroids at the moment for the auto-immune connective tissue disease the rheumy says I have, so I am wondering if they have made my bones more brittle. There again, I wasn't on them when I broke my ankle eight years ago.

Sorry for sounding off. I just wanted someone to know. Perhaps some of you would say a prayer for me please.


January - August 23

Oh my goodness, fibromite! I'm so sorry to hear you had this freak accident! Breaking BOTH ankles is really just too much! I know you've had a rough time the last couple years, so sorry to hear about this. You just have to hang in there - you WILL heal in a couple months. Put your feet up, read a few books and take care of yourself!

Glad your husband was smart enough to take you to the ER - you might have damaged your ankles if you'd kept walking on them! Feel better. Hugs to you.


fibromite.u.k. - August 23

Thank-you so much January for your kind words. I wonder sometimes what has happened to all the other people who regularly used to post on this forum. It used to be so busy and friendly, but now it can go for days without anyone posting at all.

People keep saying to me to read some of the books I am always saying that I never get time to read (I love reading), but at the moment I just feel too tired to concentrate on even doing that. I have lots of DVDs to see that have piled up but I keep falling asleep during them. I think it must be some shock coming out and is my body's way of telling me to rest at the moment.

Once again, thank-you.


Jocelyn - August 23

So sorry to hear about your fall. Like you said, it is painful enough to have fibro, nevermind breaking something to add to the pain. I hope you do get some rest and eventually, time will pass and you will be back on your feet, once more. I am on predinsone and wonder what it is dong to my bones too.
Take care


January - August 26

Hi fibromite - yes, this forum used to be really busy, then it dried up! But it seems to be reviving again. I know there are times when I'm too busy (and exhausted) to come on here. Maybe everybody is on Facebook these days! I don't know! But I still like to come here and talk with others with fibromyalgia - because NOBODY else understands like this community!

As for you sleeping, yes, I'm sure your body had quite a shock with the broken bones, and if you need to sleep, by all means, rest up! As I recall, you've had a rough year or too, one thing after another!

To add to the remarks on prednisone, I was given a lot of cortisone for asthma when I was a kid. I broke bones pretty easily, even when young, and have broken fingers and toes so many times I lost track! Even my teeth were brittle. I read that having a gluten intolerance can weaken your bones and teeth! So maybe that was part of my problem - malabsorption of vitamins because gluten intolerance inflames your small intestine. I found out when I was 40 I had weak bones. One doctor said it was osteopenia, another said osteoporosis. My blood calcium was high normal - but this was before they knew about Vitamin D3 and Vitamin K, so I take those supplements now. I used to exercise and lift weights, but still had weak bones. Haven't had a bone scan since I started taking the D3 though, maybe it has helped. I've read studies where it improved bone density, so I'm hoping…

Fibromite, take care, rest up, and use your off your feet time to do whatever you enjoy GUILT FREE! It would be fun to sit down and watch a ton of movies, or read a stack of books! Of talk on the computer! Just hope you take good care of yourself and feel better soon! Just wondered - have you googled to read up on what supplements are good to mend broken bones?



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