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bad day???
9 Replies
AmberRose - November 1

Okay today is really freaking out..i jsut started this job its so new i havn't even been paid yet. It took well over three months to sort of get rid of the fatigue and now its back again full force... my kids have missed 2 days of school now becuase im back at work and im too tired to get up i havn't even had a 20 hour work week yet and thats the scary part.... i have no idea what to do. My inlaws were totally pressuring me to get a job becuase i dont think they understand what im going through..and of course becasue they just bougth a house for we have to pay the mortgage...and i want to work..i jsut dont want to feel like this all the house is a total disater i havn't done any packing or cleaning since i started the job and i have three cats and two kids and a husband who works like anywhere from 12-16 hour days. Im sorry to be so down but i have no one else to talk to right now as my phone is broken just really frustrated.....which dosnt' help at all


Virg - November 1

You've got way toooo much on your plate,
and something has got to give. First and foremost - does your hubby understand the fibromyalgia syndrome? If so he might be able to get his parents to understand that the pressure put on you to work is not ok. Do they understand FMS? The clean house could probably wait. With packing boxes stacking up only you probably notice. Sometime when you hit such a bad day it's a good thing,because you will have to take some kind of stand with yourself first then the family. If the job is important to you than prep yourself for that and the childrens schooling. Don't tackle the everyday and packing chores after work.
Wait for a day off to deal with only packing. Its a juggling coping method and you've got to pick what is right for you. I hate to say this but the fatigue comes and goes so once you got some kind of battle plan it may be easier to cope. I found being in your situation that
I didn't get enough of the emotional support I needed from family but also found I had to get it from myself because though we love our family and visa versa it is soooo hard for them to understand the up and down s we go through. Keep unloading if it helps.


AmberRose - November 1

Thanks Virg!

My husband understands, i
talked to him awhile ago i had to go out so i phoned him and we are going to talk about it after work ..i totallly understand where you are coming from balancing and battle plans...i totally ahd it under control until i started back at work..its a great job for soemone with fibro but i get to bed late and getting up ealry is hard, i have gotten used to the leaving the cleaning and apcking for other days before i started the job , i was doign so good and now here i am in blip so to sepak. Its very frustrating....btu thanks for lsitening and writing back! It means a great deal to me to have. people to talk to that are going through the same thing, others just cant empathize what we go through.


JJ1 - November 2

I tend to only post here when I am having bad days, but I have been feeling OK lately, even would go so far as to say I felt really GOOD one day. I am still feeling OK but just wanted to let you know that I completely understand where you are coming from. I know it is of not much help right now, but if you are like me, the symptoms wax and wane so hopefully you will be feeling much better soon. I also work and do much more than half o the work at home and with the kids and it becomes so overwhelming when I have a flare-up or am super fatigued.


Virg - November 2

Isn't it true though. We get a handle on it and then out of the blue we get hit. That is when we definitly need one another to share.


Pajamakitty - November 12

My boat is a lot the same as yours. I have to work, but it is sooo hard sometimes. The future is a scary thing for me and when I have a bad looks impossible.


andi - November 13

What is happening to you is just going to make your flare up worse and last longer! Lord! It made ME hurt just hearing of the pressure you're under!!
Definitely.......somehow........try to explain this to your in-laws AND I sure hope your husband will understand!
Bottom line is, we can only do things "according to us" now that we're "invisibly sick". My next step is going to sit down with my Broker and tell him whats up with me. I know from past experience, that men bosses have a hard time listening to this.....especially when we look well and they can't SEE us as sick!
Good luck Amber! Do your best to let everyone know that you have to come first now! On the flip side, what would happen if your husband, kids and in-laws wind up taking care of YOU because you just simply overdid it??!!!
You have all the right in the world to feel down!!!
Be well.......and blessings


barbar - November 13

Hang in there, AmberRose. Make sure you don't pick up an additional bug. Folks don't understand that in additional to what we already have, we can still get sick from other stuff. It's bad enough that you feel like you have a really bad case of the flu ALL THE TIME but then you get a case of the real flu on top of that. So, remember, we have chronic fatigue but we can also get regular fatigue, too. They are two different things and together they are monstrous. If you keep carrying the load you are, you're likely to end up carrying some additional ailment, and we don't want that. And always feel free to come here and vent, let loose, cry---whatever you need to get through. Barbar


AmberRose - November 25

thanks everyone for your kind words i aprrecitae it..sorry it took so long to say so jsut finsihed moving and unpacking ...etc etc.... im working on getting my husband more knowlegable i bouhgt some boosk and hes a read a bit and hopefully it goes snowballing from there :)
Anyways Im much better now and specially because im in a new house wiht so much more space...we are all much happier now! And i even got my kids flu shot sthis year (even though i was really having a hard time decideing on it) but in the end i figure its better i dont get the flu otherwise im down for the count and i wont get it if they dont get it. Anywyas hoep everyone else is doing good !


CarrieLee - December 13




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