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bad day....
7 Replies
snapdragon79 - July 8

hi everyone, today has been the worst day, I woke up in terrable pain in my whole body, flare up most likely...I ended up with a mirgrain as a result as just couldnt face getting up let alone the mission of going to work. I finally ventured downstaires where my home resembles a bomb site.. I just looked around and didn't know where to start, washing to be put away, dishes stacked in sink and paperwork all out for tax time...I just can't face it right now and am resisting the urge to cry right now, does anyone else suffer household difficulties? I would ring my parents who would be over in flash no worries, but I hate getting help for simple tasks, does anyone else have these bad days where you just won't even answer the phone or open the front door? thanks for listening.....


tr - July 8

Yes I have those days too. I had a friend visit from out of town and she expected to find the "old" me. instead she founded the "new" me and just couldn"t or Wouldn"t wrap her mind around the fact that I couldn'T walk the whole mall] that My body aches all the time! I actually thought that I hid my pain quite well but she constantly complained about how slow I am and how she doesn't want to end up like me! Like I chosed to be like this? Any way do what you can when you can and don't be so hard on your self. I use the 20 minutes rule, I do a little work for 20 minutes and rest 20 minutes. Try to forcus on what you have done and not so much on what you had to do. Rejoice in the small thibgs! like washing the dishes, never mind that the floor needs vacuum cleaning and the laundry needs to be put a way! I love this site , I know longer feel so alone! we are in this together!


snapdragon79 - July 8

Hi tr, thankyou for your comforting post! I have just tried your 20 minute rule after a nap and a cry! I can say now that I have made a dent in the "bomb site", and now consider this my new mantra to live by! I so know what you mean about walking up and down the mall! I refuse to go out and if my friend does come over its only for support, I had to rid myself of toxic friends!, like you put it 'like I choose to be like this" sound like a wonderful person and your friend should think herself blessed to know you, thankyou again so much if you were here I would hug you!x


January - July 9

Hi again snapddragon! I just call it "my mess." Love me, love the mess. I bet mine is worse than yours, it's been piling up longer! tr is right - do a little at a time. Mine is overwhelming too, but I think about having a happy day, rather than worrying about it. I focus on what HAS to be done - the rest will wait.

LIke you, I've walked away from people who are judgmental and mean. Don't need them. Those people are toxic for your immune system. The friends I still have are nice people who are happy to see ME even if there is a little clutter around (I am a pretty good friend, and they are lucky to have me).

I think some people are just terrified by any sign of physical illness - it's their own anxiety, mostly unconscious. You aren't going to change them - don't take it personally (though that's hard sometimes) - just walk on - it's only a matter of time until they face something. One "former" friend of mine developed a serious illness - and reached out after years to say "now I understand what it's like when you can't get out of bed."

And yes, I only answer the door or the phone when I FEEL like it. Where is it written that I must be available? That's what message machines are for. LOL!

Hope you have a better day tomorrow! Take care of yourself.


Pikespeak - July 9

Hi All! Just have to add my two cents to this discussion! Think paper plates! I drink from the same water glass all day. When I make oatmeal in the microwave, I place it on a potholder and don't bother to put it in a bowl (must be deep enough so it doesn't boil over). We generally eat in the kitchen, so less crumbs end up in the livingroom. I only vacuum when I think someone is coming over...and I try not to dust more than I have to! I'm pretty good about rinsing the goop off my dishes if I don't feel like washing them at that moment. When I fold the laundry or go through a pile of mail, I relax on the sofa while I watch TV. I keep a box going for donations to charity, so as I find things I no longer need/want, out they go! I recycle my newspapers, which balances my use of paper plates. I call my messes "organized chaos." Just remember that friends are coming over to see YOU, and not your stuff! Have a relaxing weekend!


snapdragon79 - July 10

Thankyou January and pikespeak and tr, you are all so kind, I have taken the 20 minute rule on board its working so far, I love this idea of paper plates!lol, I live in a townhouse so bedrooms upstaires (THANKGOD!)and bathrooms!I now put a clothes basket at the bottom of the staires and only go upstaires twice a day, as I put everything in the basket that needs to go upstaires during the day and get "himself" to carry it up when hes off to bed, its working well so far. I have put tennis balls in the dryer (no Im not crazy!) along with my washing and have found it takes half the time to dry! so less power being used!(a tip I got from a busy mum)the one glass, cup/mug rule has come into play in my house too! I let the dishes soak overnight in the kitchen sink so all that has to be done is rinsed and put on sink in the morning. the pots and pans from dinner get soaked in laundry tubs overnight, I put a towel on top of washing machine and just leave them to dry if off to work. the washing gets done at night time or early hours morning,as washing machine has a delay start button, then into dryer. so been brain storming with "himself" and it has been a huge help. Thankyou for the support though my melt down the other day, if you have anymore wonderful ideas please let me know. hope your all feeling ok, sending you all a huge hug and many thanks xoxox


January - July 10

Hi snapdragon - Glad to hear you are having a better day and had a brainstorm session with "himself." (That's so funny - I haven't heard that term in years!) I've been into paper plates for years too. (It saves the energy of running a dishwasher.) I don't dust very often, as I have HEPA air cleaners going in some rooms (I'm very allergic). I've got the old ones by Vornado - powerful and efficient. A little white noise in the background, but I'm used to it.

I like your idea about the basket by the stairs - I'm snagging that! Have a good week! : )


snapdragon79 - July 11

hi january, glad I could help you with the basket idea! yes "himself" really dosent have a chioce, either he takes the basket up or falls over it!lol
I'm interested in these hepa air filters that you have, where do you buy them from? I have a dyson vacume cleaner with a hepa filter its brillant so light weight and the carpet comes up a treat when I use it! so does this air filter cool or heat air too? or is it just to clean the air? we have a big split system air con on the wall with a hepa filter, its amazing how much dust comes out every 3 months! I hope you are feeling well today. thankyou and take care xoxox



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