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Bad Case of Temper - everything driving me crazzy
16 Replies
axxie - March 15

Anyone showing signs of having a case of bad temper. I'm telling you, in the last couple of weeks I don't trust myself, everytime I hear a kid scream I have to run away, otherwise I might tell some parents a few choice words.

I hate driving at the moment as soon as I'm stuck in traffic I act like a maniac trying to weave in and out of traffic to find the first exit.

I'm royally mad at my husband who is in Afghanistan and won't talk to to him on Skype, I'm so moody I'm wondering if it's a case of having problems with my treatment.


JOEGIRL - March 16

Hi axxie, I know how it is to have a 'bad temper day'. I have them at times and everyone stays away from me then. LOL I get mad at my own self when I get grouchy.. Thats bad ain't it?
I seem to get really upset when I am around loud noise. I just can't take it.
Hope you get in a better mood soon.Just remember you are not alone. I am sure there are more of us that get grumpy and mad over little things.
I know lots of people get 'road rage' and don't have fibro.


hellou - March 16

Hi there. i totally sympathise with you as I suffer from this problem too. It is like having constant PMT. It really causes me problems and it is so isolating. The only thing that works for me when i feel like that is a few glasses of wine. I know that fibro and alcohol don't mix well and I am not advocating that people tackle there problems by relying on alcohol. But every now and again doesn't hurt if it helps you to relax and calm down. Good luck I know how you feel


axxie - March 16

Thanks for the choice words, it does help. I'm feeling better today, don't know much about tomorrow.

I'm off the driving for a few days and I'm staying close to home, so I can calm down.

My mom did remind me I get panicky everytime my hubby returns from a tour. I'm just happy it's his last. I don't think I can take this anymore.

On friday evening a big transformer blew up close to our house, I wonder if the electrical current had something with me being so much in a bad temper.


solanadelfina - March 16

(Hug). Oh, yes, on my bad days at work I just want all the customers to leave me alone. Especially when there are screaming kids that the parents ignore while searching for a book. A few days ago, there was one screaming off and on for about twenty minutes, and the ONLY thing that stopped me from requesting that she take the child outside was that it would be a one-way ticket to Unemploymentville. I had a headache all day.

It's tough when we have a bad day and everything seems that much harder and little things get to us. I try to play my favorite music in the car on those days, (the Ecco the Dolphin soundtrack) or pack a nice lunch or wear my favorite clothes.

Do you like tea? Sometimes just the act of brewing a cup of really yummy tea, and holding the warm cup in your hands, can be very soothing.

I'll say a prayer for you that your husband will be safe. Take care.


justachick - March 20

Hey I just wanted to comment on this. It seems like some people with FM are really sensitive to noise. I am. It feels like loud noises eg children being loud especially crying and screaming, a train whistle, loud music, dogs barking...these sounds just rip through my body, It's hard to describe it unless another person has the same reaction. I can't even drive in traffic because it creates so much anxiety which can be manifested as the rage you describe.

So what helps? For me I try never to drive in a lot of traffic if at all possible. I don't go where there are a lot of children unless I know I can get away. At night I listen to music with really soft ear buds. This blocks out the train and the dogs barking. I also found some really soft foam ear plugs that I sometimes use when the music isn't working.

Hope you find some relief.


tnichel - March 21

Honey, you are not alone. I thought my temper improved after my diagnosis but it's getting bad again. Some lady honked her horn b/c I refused to go on an orange turn light. I lost it and started screaming, looking out the window, yelling at the rear-view mirror adn flicked her off. (Bad I know but I just saw red.) I almost got out the car to approach her and I know I scared her.

I have no patience for heavy traffic. I hate being in large crowds with loud conversations. And now I exploded over the littlest things. If I don't get enough sleep I can be a pure bitch on wheels. I've also noticed my anxiety levels have went back up after about 3 months of unknown stomach problems.

I try to take time out and be myself but sometime I think that just makes it worse b/c I'm so isolated most of the time. I just take it one day at a time and try to find pleasure in the little things like seeing a bunny run across the lawn. I wish I could find a support group b/c people just don't understand and that in itself it frustrating. And obviously my attempt to work this out alone isn't working.


axxie - March 22

Hey tnichel, I hear you loud and clear. I've also isolated myself to the point, that I'm started to seek out the quiet places and not where everyone hangs out.

This morning I had to go downtown, there where to many cars, to many red lights, to many of everything and I felt like I was going to go nuts.
I was happy driving home, a mere 20 minutes away, to which I drove way to fast, because I could'nt get home fast enough.

I was at the drive through window for the bank, and this young lady starts to honk at me, go faster, I got so pissed off, that when I finished, I decided to stay at the window for some time, until another car pulled in behind the honker, I'm telling you, this young lady just made a scene, I was prepare, had she came to my ccar, I was in one of my moods, that spelled trouble. People now a days just don't have any courtesy, it just so passe now.

I now seem to enjoy home much more and I let others drive, just so that I can try to get a hold of myself to face whatever happens. I'm just sort of asking my doctor for some valiums, if that helps with my temper, but then again, I don't think I really need them.

We are too young to a social group of all foogies and to old for the network of the youngs. We need to start our own club, the problem I see, it we might think the club is on a wednesday instead of a tuesday and I might some days forget the time, so we may never make it to the club in time.


belle1329 - March 23

Hi, I
I was have that a few weeks back, but I thought it was my sleeping pill, so I stopped taking it.
It was not helping with my sleep anyway. I was awful, angry at the stupidest things, or sad and crying at the drop of a hat and the loudness. I was very depressed and even had thoughts of suicide. I kept saying there is no point! My poor husband was even scared. Well I did go off the pills and I seem better, still grouchy but no suicide thoughts. I hope that does not happen again.


axxie - March 24

Hey Belle1329
Thanks for the tip, but I know it's not my sleeping pills, (trazadone), I'm not having any of the crying jag and the feeling of suicide. If I would have, it would have shown sooner, as I've been on trazadone for sleeping pill which I take only half a pill and cymbalta in the morning. That is all I'm taking. I think what I had was I probably had not had good sleep and had someone over at the house repairing the house and he was home from morning to 6p.m. for a better part of a week and some, and the guy was actually driving me crazzy. Just thinking about it, gets me to shudder, so I'm sure it was the fact the guy was working and I wasn't alone, so I had to stay awake when I usually nap during the day.

I'm happy you are feeling better, but make sure when you see your doctor what happened, I would also tell your pharmacy. So next time they give you another pill, they will look to see that there is no reactions. I remember my doctor had given me zoloft, a few days into it, I had the same reaction as you did. Not all poison is an equal opportuninist.


TiredTab38 - March 24

OH Yes! Do I get a temper some days. Especially when I'm driving. I get so aggitated over the littlest things while driving. I cannot stand slow drivers and traffic. Traffic drives me nuts. To much noise drives me insane sometimes. I cannot stand the rattling on of people who talk alot (Like my M. inlaw), and I get SO aggrevated. I get so grumpy and I'm surprised anyone wants to be around me. So, you are definately not alone on this one.


axxie - March 24

One thing, I haven't stop having sense of humor. It's the only thing I have.
I still don't like traffic, & I still drive fast, I guess I like to break the rules.
The noise drive me crazy and I hate when kids scream and kids who get over-excited and parents who ignore them.
As for the mother in-law, well let's just say, we stand on different opinions, I smile a lot and keep myself in check.


SonniK - March 25

I can understand anger and grouchiness... It seems like all of my senses are on alert...I'm overly sensitive to sound, light, and touch...I feel as though the only relief i can get is to sit in a pitch black room with no light or sound...
Anyone feel the same way? this is all new to me i was just diagnosed.


tnichel - March 26

Axxie, you know it may not be a bad idea to start a yahoo group where we can chat live,give support to one another on our bad days, and share stories. What does everyone think about this?

I come to this site for support and empathy, not to just gripe. (My doc thinks sites like these are no good to anyone and are just full of complainers.) When you're shelling out tons of money for meds and treatment you may not be able to pay for counseling too.

I was doing really well and thought I had a grip on this condition but more and more I'm slipping back into a depression despite positive thoughts and remainng optimistic. I think a lot of it is due to changing meds. I would love to go one day w/o thinking about fms and what I will have to deal with that day. I know I'll come out of it but in the meantime, I would be great to chat live instead of checking the forums for updates.

TireTabb38... honey, I think they just may take my license away if I don't learn how not to act like a 2 year old in the middle of a temper tantrum while driving! lol. Glad to no having no tolerance on the roadway isn't just my problem.

And what about going to busy places like walmart? I want to take one of those nerf bats and hit every person who stops in the middle of the aisle and pays not attention to anyone else. That drives me absolutely bonkers... that and those stinky hot dogs in speedway. Or maybe I should just stay away from walmart, shopping carts, cars and gas stations. end rant!


axxie - March 26

Hey Tnichel, I was laughing alone reading your last post, can I have a nerf bat to. We'd have a field day in Walmart.

I say we should open up a live chat on yahoo, anyone else up for it.

It would help us all talking live about our moods, I think it's a great idea, anyone else interested?


belle1329 - March 26

Hi axxie,
Thanks for your advice Im also glad to hear you are feeling better. mentioned in another forum here,
My arms hurt alot and I have a clicking pain in the elbow, does anyone else have this symptom or maybe Im dealing with something else.
Also please dont stop using this forum, I visit on my breaks at work and cant use an instant messenger here. You and everyone else here at This site has helped me alot, just venting helps.
Thanks :-)


nlschill - March 26

Wow! This explains why I thought that the other driver's were crazy and did not know how to drive. I cannot tolerate any loud noise and easily or constantly aggrevated. I am very very new to this. I got the preliminary diagnosis yesterday. After reading this the last 9 months are starting to make some sense. I may not be going insane.



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