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bacteria overgrowth
9 Replies
jrzgirl1 - February 1

I have to go for this test on the 16th, has anyone here dealt with this problem, it resides in the small intestine


pixelmation - February 1

Go to a Naturalistic doctor or to a reputable supplement store to get what you really need to clear up the problem, sounds like candida to me or?? You might just need to cleanse...hope the test results give you a good starting point of what exactly is going on.


canadacalling - February 3

I seem to run the same vag.problems as well. This time, I was offered an an antiobiotic, but refused because of previous side affects. However, over the counter stuff does not seem to keep it at bay. Is your problem in the bowel?

Gee, if it isn't one thing it is something else right.


jrzgirl1 - February 3

honestly I have had enough of tests and Dr's
I had a fecal test(s) done for for parasites.Normal
colonoscopy....hemmroids, IBS, slight colitis and diverticulosis....then a UTI, antibiotic for that, scheduled d and c on the 17th but on the 16th a breath test for bacteria overgrowth and on the 23 rd lactose breath test..can't win.... antibiotics make it worse, Librax 4 times a day not much help, sleep with a heating pas, when I can sleep. I am sick and tired of being sick and tired, ready to call it quits, i eat and an hour later, I am in pain, don't know what to eat or not eat


Fantod - February 3

I take a probiotic every day. For most people, our diets are not well balanced like they should be. Processed foods, eating out a lot, not enough fruit and veggies will all contribute to gut problems. A probiotic may not fix it all, but it certainly can't hurt. Take care.


January - February 4

jrzgirl - you didn't say what test? are they doing a small intestine biopsy? might it be for celiac disease? going gluten free helped me. Helped improve my immune system too! There are many posts here. Good luck with it.


jrzgirl1 - February 4

bacteria overgrowth.breath test
lactose..also a breath test
it is not celiac


January - February 5

Hope all goes well for you! :)


Cher0208 - February 16

I'm taking a probiotic supplement from Rite Aid. The brand is VH essentials and its actually homeopathic. It's for treating and preventing symptoms of bacterial vaginosis. I've tried antibiotics, and homeopathic treatments. Nothing has worked but this supplement is the best! I feel great for once (in that area). No embarrassing issues. Probiotics are great in my opinion.


canadacalling - February 16

I agree with all about the probiotic, I also take one a day, in the morning. Decided to try a tanning session yesterday, just for the warmth on my whole body. It costs about as much as a weight lifting class - except for the oil you have to buy. I tried the recumbent position (could hardly get out)...Ha. They have stand up ones but they are very hot. I am fair, so, I only stayed for 8 minutes. I will go again and add a bit of time till I have used up my 100 minutes....That should take forever. Gotta be positive. Hope you feel better jrzgirl1.



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