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Back problems
9 Replies
txsunsets - September 25

Please someone tell me what to do for this extremely painful pain in my lower back. I have done everything i can think of.


Fantod - September 25

There are several things that you can do to handle this problem. Have you tried using an OTC sports cream for pain relief? Another type of OTC sport scream is in any decent health food store. It is called Arniflora Arnica Gel. It works well and is also excellent for bruising and swelling. You could ask your doctor for a Flector Pain Patch script. This is a topical medication which does not get into your bloodstream. Wherever the patch is applied is where it works. I have them and they work well. As another alternative, as your doctor to write you a script for Ketoprofen 20% cream. Lidocane can be added to this as well. This has to be made up by a compound pharmacy. Again, it is topical so it won't get into your blood stream. There are compound pharmacies all over. If not, the script can be faxed and the medicine mailed to you. I use Ketoprofen and it is pretty effective. You can apply a layer of saran wrap over it for NO MORE than 2 hours so it really absorbs. Lidocaine patches are also available but they did not work for me. They tend to creep and not stay stuck to the applied area. I hope one of my suggestions might be helpful to you. Take care.


txsunsets - September 25

Fantod, thank you so much for your suggestions. I am going to call the dr today to see if he can call something in. I was 30 min late to work this morning because i couldn't due to my back.


Fantod - September 26

I forgot to metion that you should not layer Ketoprofen. Always apply it to clean skin. I put it on right after I shower when my skin is warm. Or I will use some rubbing alcohol to clean a layer off, warm up my skin and reapply it. I hope it helps. Enjoy the weekend.


trans - September 26

Heating pads, pain pills, massage but sometimes nothing works unfortunately.


Fantod - September 26

I also forgot to ask the most obvious question. Are you quite sure that your back pain is not associated with a disc problem? In my case, I have degenerative disc disease which causes me a great deal of discomfort. The pain also spreads to my hips. I am not able to stand or walk for any length of time. I totally understand the back pain issue. It is just about as bad as an earache or toothache. If you have not been evaluated for a spinal problem, you should probably make an appointment to be sure nothing else is going on. I found out I had DDD and bursitis all in one day. I guess it was better to get it all over with at once. I am going to paint a big red cross on myself one of these


txsunsets - September 28

Fantod, I got my dr to call in some Ketoprofen cream in for me but i can't pick it up until mon. I apprecate your help


annie_b - October 1

Fantod mentioned disc problems. I never believed in chiropractors but as a last resort, I tried it. I was amazed at how much relief I got from a Chiropractor. Try it, can't hurt


tullius - October 14

Sometimes back pain is due to a disk problem but sometimes it is referred pain due to trigger points
in a muscle somewhere else. I have a disk problem but a lot of my pain is due to referred pain due to trigger points in
my leg muscles. Massage helps.
I recommend the excellent book :
The Trigger Point Therapy Work book. 2nd Edition
Your self treatment guide for pain relief.
by Clair Davies , you can buy it on line at
new or used. Its great. It has helped me a lot.
Buy a massage tool tool too, saves the hands.
I use something called a knobble.

by Clair Davies


Gabbie - October 14

I found lidocaine cream to help alleviate some of the pain when I apply it to the pressure points on the lower back (one on each side) and also on the inside of each knee when the pain gets really bad. It's not a cure-all, but it does help. There are lidocaine patches but they were very expensive so my rheum prescribed the cream. I just cover the area with a large bandaid to keep it from rubbing off. If the back pain you have is because of the fibro, the cream may help you.



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