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Back Pain,Leg pain,Depresion,Jaw Pain,ShoulderPain
7 Replies
Willow04 - May 5

I have been to several Doctors and had xrays and blood work and they say I am healthy, every test comes back negative. I have pain in my back so bad if I sit for a long period of time and try to get up Ihurt so bad it takes a while to stand straight. I have pain on both side of my legs just to touch them hurts.I have problems breathing, my jaw hurts and right know I am fighting depresion. I have trouble sleeping. I feel i am losing my mind. I am a 37 female, I should been having the time of my life Please tell me if anyone else has these symptoms this is the first time I feel like this could be what I have [Fibromyalgia]. I have been feeling this way for about five yrs.


caren - May 5

hi willow have you been 2 see a rhumertologist tell youre docter ware do you live it sounds 2 me you have ive had all them ive had trouble breathing ive just given up smoking again hope you get sorted


JJ1 - May 8

Fibromyalgia is usually diagnosed by eliminating other illnesses that cause similar symptoms (there is not test that can be done to indicate fibromyalgia). It is a process of elimination and it sounds like your doctors have eliminated things if your tests are all coming back negative. Ask your doctors about fibromyagia. If they are not supportive, find another doc that specializes in fibromyalgia -- typically a rhematologist.


Fran - May 22

I have been told that I have fibromyalgia but at first I thought the Drs. were just saying it to get rid of me and because they didn't know what was wrong with me. I too have back, shoulder and neck pain. I find my pain moves around. I will be plagued with this for several months and then it will move somewhere else, sometimes my legs. It is very frustrating. I am so tired of having pain all of the time. Family and friends do not understand and soon get tired of hearing about it. I try not to say much anymore but all of the anti inflamitories and pain killers that I take can't be doing the rest of my body much good. I think that I know how you feel. You are far too young to feel so lousy. I have tried massage therapy, acupuncture, elival and magnesium (low dose) I think the elival helped some.


Rosie Moyer - June 3

Hi, You have a lot of the symptoms that I have. My lower back hurts really bad. The pain goes down my legs and on really bad days, even my feet hurt. Like you, I hurt so bad even light touch hurts. I was about your age when all of this started. I see a wonderful Dr. I am on 3 different meds. I have also found walking to be really beneficial. I try to do about 30 mins a day. This stretches everything. Good luck!


linda brown - October 31

i have all the symtoms you talk about. for me the doc says it's fibro. it's really bad for me.


Gavin - October 31

Fibro is a possible diagnosis, but Fibro is a diagnosis firstly exclusion, in Australia we first have to see our GP to get a referral to a rheumatologist but maybe you can g straight there. They should check for all more measurable overlapping syndromes and diseases before arriving at Fibro, then at least you know for sure. In my case there was the elimination process plus positive for Fibro tests plus a blood cell count test showing very high levels of whitye blood cells indicating I wass fighting disease and pain. You're not crazy, Im your age and I want to be having the time of my life too but I have had to learn patience. Chin up. Gavin


lisa1 - October 31

Willow, I don't think there is one person one this site who does not feel for you. As all of the other answers have stated you need to see a rheumatologist as soon as possible. I went through years of pain without a diag and I did think I was crazy..It took a long time to find a General doctor who believed me and did not just try to push pill and push me out the door. He tested me for everything in the book and refered me to a pain doctor who have been a blessing for me. I just wish I did not go through all of the years of suffering first but you have to be very vocal with your GP and if he won't give ou the care you need, keep looking till you find one who will. There are doctor's out there who want to help. Good luck and let us know how you make out. We are all here for you and each other.



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