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back pain in the morning
6 Replies
Amelia Jane - July 9

I have had Fibromyalgia for years it seems, just diagnosed recently tho. I have such stiffeness in the morning. Feels like my back is made of concrete blocks. It takes about an hour for it to get better. Just moving around helps. But was wondering if any one else is having the same problem, and what you do for it. Maybe a different mattress would help. I have a memory foam one now. Any ifno would help. I have started on Lyrica just a couple weeks ago, and it has really helped with some things, except not with this problem. Maybe I need to be more patient. Would love to hear some differnt opinions.


JJ1 - July 10

I have morning stiffness and pain also, except mine is in my feet and ankles. It does go away after I walk around a bit, but at times can be dangerous because I will nearly fall when I get up and feel that my feet and ankles won't support me. Other than moving around, I haven't found anything else to help.


ibritz - July 23

I too have this problem. I never realized it was anything to do with FM until a few months ago. I had several days I couldn't even get out of bed. If i'd have had to go in my bed (yuck)! To this day, I can't sleep on my back because of this. If I wake up on my back I have to suffer through the pain and have my hubby help me roll onto my side and then get in fetal postion for about 20 minutes, straightening my legs every so often. then I can at least work through getting out of bed. Try different "positions" in bed before you get up. Hopefully on the worst days you don't have to rush to the bathroom.

Another thing I just rememberd was at the worst times, I started keeping a bottle of water and some pain med by the bed and I'd set my alarm 1 hr before I had to get up, take the med and go back to sleep for an hour. Having an alarm clock with 2 alarms helps alot with this.


sgg - July 23

I was recently dx with FMS but have had lower back pain for almost 20 years. Have you tried any Yoga? I have a yoga DVD by Rodney Yee that has 5 short segments. The first segment is 8 minutes of gentle stretching that focuses on the lower back. This really seems to open up my back and help me get through the day. You can find the DVD at The name is "Yoga Journal's Yoga for Energy." The name has changed a little through the years but I have seen it on the website.


Cheri_08 - July 28

Hi Amelia,

This my first post!

Morning pain and stiffness has plagued me for many years. I am totally disabled by this terrible disease. The pain in the morning is worse when I haven't been getting enough sleep for several nights. I don't think that any particular matress matters much! I too have been taking Lyrica for close to a year and it helps along with Norco and a muscle relaxer to manage the pain of Fibro.

Also, I have Panic Attacks and have to take Xanax.

Unfortunately, my family thinks that my Rhuematologist and my Phyciatrist are Quacks and they want me to get off all of my medication!

The only person that understands is my Mother, who is 75 years old and has the same dianosis. They also think that SHE should not take Lyrica and Vicodin and Soma because it's not good to take "Drugs"...

It's so very difficult to watch her suffer even more than me! Plus being told by people who are supposed to love her that she should suffer, just because they don't understand how important medication is to her!

But, at least we DO have each other, and we support one another!... But, at the same it's so hard to know that my Mother has to feel this debilitating pain. And she hates that I have it too! It's so hard to watch a loved one suffer and to know how they feel!



kathleen Paterson - July 28

Hi Cherie
I am sorry to here you and your mother both suffer this terrible syndrome .I lost my mum 4 years ago but I remember she was never away from doc in her late 50 s complianing of a pressure in her head and ears as if they were going to explode . I now have that myself , it is horrendous my mum was continously told she had a hormone imbalance , I feel dreadful now as I just kept saying to her dont worry the docs has told you its nothing to worry about .I am wondering if she actually had fybro as well . When people say to me dont worry I feel like screaming as they dont know what you are going through it is horrendous
Take care Kathy


angela williams - July 29

Hi Amelia,
my back is extremely stiff in the mornings. Believe it or not, the only thing that has really helped is walking or jogging for 20 or so minutes in the morning. I also use a roll-on called Bio Freeze that I get from my chiropractor. It really helps my neck, back and arms! I even went so far as to buy a $6,000 Tempurpedic mattress. Save your money!!! I'm still stiff.



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