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Back Pain - Help! Is this normal?
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brooksidefarm - October 5

Beginning yesterday late afternoon, I have had some awful back pain. Right side, between the bottom of my shoulder blade and waist. No spine pain, just horrible muscle tension. Standing was almost impossible, sitting nearly as bad. I laid in bed on heat packs last night and it felt pretty good at 7am. I ate, dressed, and as I was putting on makeup felt a spasm and it came back. I stapped on a heat pad and within a little while it was gone. I was sitting most of the morning teaching my son, then at 12:30 stood up to make lunch. Now it is 1:30pm and the pain is back to being impossible for standing and uncomfortable for sitting. I did not lift anything and have not injury or back pain history. Daily, my right shoulder pressure points kill me, but whose don't? I just wondered if this is a 'normal' type of pain for FMS. I hate running to the doc for everything, but do not want to end up ignoring something important. I was diagnosed in February with symptoms going back a year and half prior, so I still get some lovely new sensations and wondered if this is one. Thank you!


Fantod - October 5

It could be costochondritis and/or Fibromyalgia. Hard to say. I think you should see your doctor just to rule any other significant problem out. I had a similar situation a couple of years ago. I was experiencing severe pain in one hip. I assumed it was my osteoarthitis where in fact it was a failed disc in my back that happened with no warning. I hope it is nothing more than the two options I initially suggested. You might ask your doctor for the Flector pain patch which is very effective. It only works where it is applied and does not affect any medication that you are taking. It is worn 12 hours on and 12 off. At least it would give some relief from your shoulder pressure points. Take care.



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