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5 Replies
aliciasue - December 3

Ive had fibromyalgia for atleast 9yrs now. I recenty had blood work done. 2wks ago .MY dr told me my b12 levels were bottom out .which I have to get b12 shots every week for 4wks .then every month after . im wondering if anyone else has had this, and did the shots help. Iwill be starting the shots on friday. I dont know what to exspect.ANYinformation would be apreciated thank you so much for your time and take care.


ashortbeauty - December 3

I don't have the B12 issues, at least not that I can remember off hand right now.. but I DO remember hearing that the shots work wonders as far as bringing your levels where they need to be.

best wishes hun,

Brandon, FL


rycer - December 9

I would really consider taking a sublingial B-12 - a pill that dissolves underneath the tongue and enters your bloodstream. I mean nobody really likes to takes shots - i have take this form for 3 months now and my levels are thru the roof so I know it works - a good company is trivita .com


earthdog - February 20

Same here. After being anemic since childhood and under various drs care, a new doc last year was the first to request B-12 labs, as B-12 can affect iron levels. The doc said my B-12 level was "worse than most 80 y/o nursing home patients". It will be a year this March, and I'm still taking the shots on a regular basis, as we discovered that I am unable to utilize B-12 in tablet form. The nerve damage I've got from the B-12 deficiency can never be undone, but at least now it won't get progressively worse.


crafter8 - February 20

just last week, i started taking the sublingual tablet, and feel lots better. i am still tired but not as bad, i feel it does improve this low energy issue. i also do a vegetarian type diet, and hydro therapy , no medication.for now the fm is tolerable. also, i think the B12 helped the fibro fog which was getting real bad.


axxie - February 21

I have been taking B12 every since the 80's, I have a deficiency that could lead to irreversible neurological damage. Apparently it's common in people with blood sugar irregularities and in those of age of fifty. My reason had nothing to do with FMS it was because my gut did not produce any because of cobalt treatments I had a long time ago due to cancer. Now I take the injection weekly, it doesn't hurt, and it gives you loads of energy, but it only last a short while, because b12 dissipate quite fast. The norm seems to be once a month. So you will feel good for the first four weeks and then you may feel waiting for the next shot that your stamina and fatigue returns before you have your next shot.



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