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Attending Fibro sessions with chirop
3 Replies
donna - May 10

I have seen 2 notices in our local papers for public sessions re: fibro. I'm thinking that this dr. and chirop. are just trying to drum up business and have jumped on the fibro bandwagon. Has anyone attended something like this? I don't want to attend unless I think I may learn something new. If I attend these evening sessions it means skipping my meds, not getting sleep & then having to get up at 5 a.m. for work the next day. Meaning I will likely feel too awful to get out of bed. By the way, these were advertised in Newmarket Ontario


KimR - February 3

My doctor referred me for physical therapy, a specific type call manual or myofacial reslease. You have to find someone that really knows how to do it. She just presses on certrain areas, feels like not much is happening, but right after I am a bit sore, but then the area that is acting up improves drastically. I am also doing some weights in my chest area, which was my recent problem. I would love to keep going once a week, forever. She says she can feel when the muscles are tense and whey they aren't and it puts your body back in balance. Hope that helps.


Nance - May 9

Hi Donna,My 1st realy major flare came after a Chiro visit.Felt for certain my spine was fractured.Took 6 months for that pain to subside and I still have the pain from time to time.Chiros might work for some but it seems they just make my fibro madder.


Debra - May 10

Stay far away from Chiropractors.The work that they do can make you worse.I had my neck adjusted and it almost killed me.Then i developed chronic lower back pain after.That is when my fibromyalgia took over my whole body.Ive tried all types of different methods that they use and no of them work.When they adjust you your spine does not hold the position.Then you go back to them again and again spending lots of money and wasting your time.The BEST thing you can do for Fibro is very,very light exercise to get your blood flowing.Also the use of a sauna to sweat out the bad in you and to get you to become more mobile.



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