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Atlanta Fibromyalgia and Fatigue Center
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markATL - May 9

Male, 47, Atlanta GA. After many many visits to many many specialists I finally was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome at the Fibro & Fatigue Center in Marietta, GA. Some doctors and research indicates that men do not have as many tender points as women do so it was a hard diagnosis for me after two years of visiting specialists. I had widespread pain and weakness as well as some sharp pains in my hips and lower back. I tried several different alternative therapies including acupuncture. My arms didn't hurt until I had some acupuncture treatments so think twice before stimulating nerves (just my opinion). I had great success with my lower back pain from IDD therapy treatments from a neurologist in Atlanta (Dr. Mishu). I also have very severe dry eye and would love to hear from other people if they suffer from dry eye as well. So, back to my story. I had several IV treatments over the course of a year from the Fibro & Fatigue Center as well as taking lots and lots of supplements they provide. Don't believe their website where it says affordable. That is a subjective term. It depends on your financial situation. Go prepared to spend some serious dough and my insurance did not pay for it except the lab work (they have a Quest lab on site). They do lots of very interesting and specific lab work not available from other doctors. So, after a year of expensive treatments, I am 70% "cured" of my symptoms, not the disease. I still have very severe morning stiffness and fatigue throughout the day. I had to quit going due to the cost of the treatments. I'd go back once that improves to try and tackle the other 30%. I highly recommend their services if you can afford it. I went from being crippled and using a cane to being able to cut the grass (yesterday but I'm paying for it today w/ increased pain). I take two RX pain meds in the morning to get me going and then I do not have to take anything else the rest of the day. I am able to go to work (office work) and I'm fairly productive most of the time. Again, if you can afford to go, go.


axxie - May 10

Hey markATL, thanks for the info, I did call them a few months ago and was tempted to fly and get some treatments, but when I started questioning the cost I decided that I would think about it.

I'm no financial position to pay for their treatment and I'm skeptical, especially after having several conversation with one of their medical associated. She is telling me that you can stop Fibro and even cure it, and I bluntly told her "no you can't".

So what do you mean about being 70% cured of your symptoms? I'm quite interested in knowing what kind of IV treatments where vitamin based?

As you know women & men differ on their symptoms?
I would very like to get rid of 50% of it myself if that could be had, but I'm still B12 deficient, and that in itself is hard to manage.

I seriously went from able to work long hours and remembering everything, to I can't figure out what time or date is, until I buildup in b12, and now have to give myself injections at least 3 times a week, to try to maintain what I have.

I'd very much would like to return to work, I miss the paycheck, now being unemployed and trying to get $$$ from the insurance is another question.

I'm happy you joined our society, keep writing to us, we are all very much looking for ways to cope.



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