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At my wits end...
3 Replies
AngieB38 - November 17

Hello all...this is my second post. I am home from work today. I went to my GP yesterday for swollen lymph nodes under arms and around my breasts. I have pain in my back and shoulder blades. The upper back pain just started this past August after I was down with some kind of stomach infection that my gastro was unable to find. I was on short term dis for 3 weeks. My first time ever since working at this company for 20 years. I had an endoscopy as well as abdominal ct and they couldnt find anything. I am sitting here typing with bad gastric reflux. I forgot to take my nexium this morning so just took it now. I am currently taking Nexium, fish oil, multi vitamin. Just started taking Vit E 800 units and Naproxen. Doc also gave me amoxicillin due to my inflamed lymph nodes, he thinks it is an infection. Which I have had several times. I asked my GP about Savella and he didnt give it much thought, just said it is anti-depressant. I am also suffering with a headache which is somewhat rare and stiff neck on left side. I have an appt for 12/30 with a rheumatologist. He specializes in FM. I cant wait to find out what he says. I have been suffering with FM for approx 6 or 7 years. My husband is afraid that it will get worse. My stressful job doesnt help matters, but I cant quit working due to money and health insurance. I just pray that it will some day get better...thanks for listening :-) I sometimes think about disability but then think I cant be that bad off in order to qualify for that. My vertigo decided to pop up today as well..


Noca - November 17

Here in Ontario you can be on disability and work at the same time. You wont get money but you will have medication and dental coverage, the rest of health care is already free here.

Hang in there.


axxie - November 18

Angie, you need to wait this out and see what the rheumy diagnose you with. If my memory serves me right, naproxen will give you problems with reflux and can be the sole culprit to your stomach infection.

As for disability in the US, Allsup has been helping people obtain Social Security disability insurance (SSDI) awards nationwide for 25 years with a 98% success rate.

Apparently they do a phone interview with you and process your papers and will not charge you anything until you win. There are several people who have used them and say it was very nice to deal with them.

The province of Ontario is, different, but I don't find them any easier to deal with, the one good thing is we do have health care, and no it's not free, we do pay for it through our tax system. So that everyone in Canada who contribute to the tax system gets health care coverage.

With Obama trying to get health care into the US is a good thing, it will help many people have a choice as to what is needed to be done, for their health. It's a good thing to have health care.


Noca - November 18

Its free to me. Yes I have paid taxes all my life but have I paid the $700,000+ amount of health care costs ive used through my lifetime in taxes? no. Its free when compared to the US.



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