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Aspartame poisoning may be diagnosed as fibro
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January - May 22

I've recently been researching some of the artificial sweeteners. Aspartame seems to be the worst. Google "aspartame side effects" and pick the site that says "sweet poison."

Serious side effects are linked to many of the artificial sweeteners, so if you drink any kind of diet soda or eat any kind of sugar free food, you could be poisoning your body. If you have fibromyalgia, you might want to see if you can get rid of your symptoms by stopping the use of these products.

I read last week that aspartame can cause a painful sunburn-like feeling on the skin. I can't find the article today - but reading that made me think of the people who have posted on this site with that odd symptom. Could be aspartame?


Jocelyn - May 22


You've hit the nail on the head once more. A doctor in one of Boston's prestigious hospitals, privately told us that we should never eat anything with any artificial sweeteners. They are linking them to all sorts of cancers and other health issues. That is when I stopped drinking anything but water and I am also checking what is used in the food for sweeteners. Coloring as stated before and flavors are all bad words in processed foods. It is safest to eat whole foods whenever you can.


January - May 23

Our food supply is so broken! What a shame that we can't trust the FDA to protect us. We can't trust what companies tell us in advertising. It's all about selling you cheap stuff you don't need and making a big profit - the heck with your health. Corruption and greed has taken over. I feel sorry for people who haven't done the research yet, who still believe what they hear on TV, who think diet sodas are health foods!


Jocelyn - May 23

Yup, diet soda's are not a healthy way to drink or lose weight, it is a good way to poison oneself. My husband is starting to see what is going on and he is now eating a lot more healthier. Fast food is just a fast way of feeding your family because there is no time to cook anymore, with Mom's working and such. The food chains have taken advantage of this situation and can see the green money coming to them in all directions.


m.e. - August 1

I have suspected artificial sweeteners for a long time. I have drunk a diet soda every day for the last 30 years....I am wondering if anyone with Fibro has found that their symptoms have improved when they gave it up???....


pollyannb - August 1

I have fibro and after reading about the problems Aspartame can cause icut it out of my diet and the hot flushes that I suffered from for years which ay my age, 62, should be long gone disappeared in a few days. If I have a diet drink now they come back winthin hours. Maybe all the middle aged women who suffer from hot flushes could try cutting out diet drinks as it may not be the menopause causing them after all. There aren't many of my friend who in middle age are trying to loose weight and dinking diet drinks as part of their diet.


Jocelyn - August 1

Artifical sweetners are really not good for anyone, even if one has no health problems. A doctor in Boston told us that no one should be drinking or eating anything that is diet (which is supplemented with artifical sweetners). This doctor worked in the cancer center. Can't say his name. Just be careful.


January - August 2

wow, pollyannb, thanks for the post! I have friends who have trouble with the hot flashes, and I will be sure to mention this to them. It's true, so many people drink diet sodas - and you never know what you are getting in your iced tea at a restaurant! We really do have to read all our packages carefully, even toothpaste and mouthwash has artificial sweeteners in it!

Jocelyn, I lost my best friend to cancer recently, and she drank diet sodas from the time she was a teen. She had a very long struggle with cancer, kept getting better, then it would pop up somewhere else. Sure makes you think twice. I never liked the taste of artificial sweeteners (lucky me!) so I drink the sugary stuff, just not a ton of it like I used to! I stay away from the "big name" sodas with phosphoric acid too - they rot your bones and teeth.


Jocelyn - August 2

I am so sorry to hear you lost your best friend to cancer. As you said, it is better to eat the sugary stuff, and use less, than use any kind of artificial sweetners. Many cancer doctors agree with that accessment. I agree, you do not know what is used in restaurants and even the restaurant workers don't know what they use. I don't eat out often, and I, like you, could never stand the taste of artificail sweetners. It leaves that nasty aftertaste in your mouth.

I am trying to lose weight, which tempts one to use the diet food, but at this point, from what I was told, the extra weight is a problem, but the health risk depending on your weight may not justify the diet foods ramifications that happen to some people. Since I am already at a higher risk for cancer having Sjoren's, I think I will just keep on trying the old fashion way by cutting back food. It's difficult when you have Fibro to exersie enough. In the pool, I can lose weight. As soon as I stop swimming it comes back on, even though I am cutting down....oh well, I will keep working on it!


January - August 3

Hi Jocelyn -- wow, I had no idea Sjogren's put you at risk for cancer. Any particular type? I had Epstein Barr virus, and read that raises your risk of certain cancers too, like nasopharyngeal.

Oh, that old pound creep! I know. My weight has fluctuated a lot over the years. I never was a dieter, so the weight went up or down depending on activity level or the type of food I was eating, but the most impact came from medication. I can remember a couple times when, out of desperation, I ate nothing but green veggies for a week. Lost not an ounce! Stopped the meds I was on, and the weight melted off!

The only food change that made a big difference was gluten-free. I don't crave anything. If I try something new and want to eat handfuls, I KNOW it's bad for me. I don't think it's normal to "crave" food. It seems nature would make a healthy body eat just enough to give it proper nutrition and no more. I have a theory that it's poor nutrition that's making everyone fat. Maybe we don't get all we need from our over-processed food, so the body goes into starvation mode and hangs on to every calorie?

Maybe you take it, but fiber has helped me lose some weight. I found something years ago that works well for me. It's called FiberSmart. Gluten free. Comes in a blue and yellow bottle with a sun on it. A doctor told me that taking fiber was the best way to normalize your digestive system but amazingly a lot of fiber has gluten in it! When I tried to lose weight I would make sure I took a capsule of Fiber Smart every time I ate something, and I think it helped. (This was back before I knew I had a gluten problem.) And you have to drink adequate water.

Good for you that you keep going and swim too. They keep saying exercise is the single best thing you can do for all kinds of things, brain health included. I used to be good about it, but it sure got harder after I got fibro symptoms. And as you get older and hurt more, it's a vicious cycle. Best to do all you can and not stop. Hang in there!


Jocelyn - August 12

Hi January,

Yes, Sjogren's puts me at a 5% increase for lymphoma (in the Sjogren's category) and at a 44% higher risk than the general public. The Lymphoma is most likely to attack the moisture glands since that is where Sjogren's attacks. (eyes, salivary glands) In addition, on my father's side, he had a brother and a sister, both having had Hodgkin's Disease. So...I need to calculate that in.

I am having a decent summer. My Fibro has not flared for a while. I did have an unusual one day flare and then felt better. Maybe it was just a true virus, who knows. Swimming is helping the Fibro, especially, since the Fibro, mostly, effects my muscles and soft tissue. My hip is dong okay considering I haven't been to the P/T for about a month, but I do know, once the pool closes, the hip will slowly start to pain me. My leg pain is not bad, at times a little uncomfortable, but not as bad as during the winter, in part, I believe, is due to the exercise I am getting in the pool.

I have to say, that this summer is the first summer that I have felt my CFS acting up. I'm usually not too bad, but I think because this summer has been so hot, I have been swimming, much more than usual, that I am very fatigued at times. I am finding it difficult to work a full week. By Friday I am exhausted. I have been taken vacation days when needed to get me through the week. I am hoping this will go away once I stop swimming. It is not bad like the one I had when my kids were young. That CFS attack lasted a year and I couldn't stay awake for anything. I hope not to ever get that bad again. I know a lot of people on this site have it every day all year round.

You must be preparing for your company, they should be arriving in a month or so? Not sure if you said.

I hope you are well. I've been resting and doing as well as can be expected.

Take care


January - August 14

Hi Jocelyn - it's really late, I need to get some sleep. Have been having a lot of fatigue after pushing myself on a very busy day! Took a while to recover and I slept a LOT! I sometimes feel like there isn't enough oxygen in the air, do you? If I'm outside and it's hot and humid, it seems hard to breathe - not physically - but just like I can't get oxygen. If that makes any sense?

The last few days, some stressful personal stuff hit, so need to calm down from that! Hope that is gone, but I don't know.

Company is now coming in November, but will probably stay at someone else's house - which will be good. However I will be busy doing stuff with them, I'm sure. Just wanted to check in. I've got a ton of work piled up, so sometimes I'm gone, but I think about you all! Hope you are feeling better as the weather cools off a bit.

I researched some things on the internet about iodine. Watched a rather long video about the importance of this and how we don't get enough in our diets any more. It helps our thyroids function and helps fatigue IF you have low thyroid. So I got some liquid kelp drops. We'll see how that goes! I have taken kelp tablets before, and I think it helps. The video I watched said kelp and selenium help support the thyroid, and I have taken both. Selenium seems to help me. I also have had luck with liquid DMAE - which is used in Europe for ADD. Of course, talk with your doctor before trying anything! Everyone's body is very different. Take care too! : )


Jocelyn - August 19

Hi January,

I haven't been on for a while, so I hope I didn't miss any of your posts. I have been doing well, but have been very busy with parties this summer. I have been fatigued and having trouble getting up for work. I just took a break and stop swimming for a week so that I could catch up on my rest. It seems the swimming helps so much with my pain that I was swimming for hours each day even after work . Well it caught up with me. Tomorrow I am minding my Grandson so it will be a busy day again and I will be tried, then off to work on Tuesday. I am working 3 four day work weeks, so that will be nice. The pool will be closing after labor day and I will miss it and I hope my pains don't get so bad this winter. This has been the best summer I have had in years.

I have not done well with my weight, because as I swim, I am starving. Geez! I won't give up.

I'm glad your company will be staying with someone else. It is very tiring when company stays at your house, you just can't seem to get the rest you need.

I have been tested for thyroid because it does run in my family, however, everything comes back negative, except I had a CT Scan and they found something on my thyroid. My PC didn't say anything about looking into it, but I will right after labor day. I want to know what is going on with my thyroid!

Take care, I might not be on for a week, but I will be back.

Hugs to you and everyone else here.

PS, I am still waiting for the estate lawyer to get finished with the letter. He is on his second vacation so it is taking longer than I anticipated, but it should be done soon.


January - August 20

Hi Jocelyn -- I've been gone for a while too. Things pile up and must be attended to! Nice that you've been having some social fun and also getting exercise - but I know about how you pay for it! I ran a bunch of errands this past month, took some days to do extended shopping and stock up on things I need. The walking knocked me out and I slept for a few days each time! Then I have the usual chores I have to get to, and I sometimes overdo it! I swear, as I get older, time gets shorter! Days go by so much faster than before!

Gosh, I hope all is OK with your thyroid. Sometimes things show up on film and it's just a glitch - it's not really anything serious. Maybe they thought that about your last CT scan, and that's why they didn't pursue it…? Anyway, I really hope you're OK. And also, I think you have to remind doctors about concerns. If they are really busy and seeing a lot patients, they easily forget little details about you.

When I watched the really long video about thyroid disease, they went over the fact that blood tests only pick up some types of thyroid disease. They said If it's caused by a problem with the pituitary gland, your blood tests can come back normal, even if you have low thyroid. I know endocrinology is one of the more complicated fields in medicine, so it's important to find someone who really knows what they're doing!

I've been really tired this summer. I have a bad time with pain when the weather acts up, and we've had lots of thunderstorms lately - it really makes my back ache like crazy! I suppose that wears me out too. Taking a small break right now, but I still have to get a pile of work done tonight!

Hope things are working out well with the situation at your house! Also, glad to hear you have a little less work in the coming weeks. Time to catch your breath! I just realized it is time to start thinking about getting ready for cold weather. I really hate the constant change of seasons. Yes, it's pretty, but I'm so sick of the different wardrobes, and the winterizing and summerizing!!



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