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as simple as stress?
8 Replies
inpain - November 25

i have had a flare up recently, was in a lot of pain - raw skin feeling, flu symptoms, back pain and migrating pain. i even had jaw pain - could hardly open my mouth - for the first time.

then i went away for a couple of nights to the mountains - just me and my husband - no stress from the ex-wife, etc. i felt better! now i am back, and i can feel the pains coming back. pains in my knuckles, wrists... my joints are clicking again. is it as simple as stress??


islandguy - November 25

Stress is a major contributor to flare ups. My Fibro began with a very stressful situation almost 6 years ago now and it is now important for me to avoid as much stress as possible without causing a seriously painful flare. In saying that my wife is in the hospital with serious problems. Stressful ? Just a bit....but fortunately my lidocaine treatment is keeping my pain level down for the time being. ---- Time alone with your spouse without the aggravating daily stresses will definitely help your flares. It's not that simple but it helps.......Take care...


inpain - November 25

thank you islandguy. i hope that you and your wife feel better and are together again soon.


JJ1 - November 26

My flare ups are 100% triggered by stress. I think a period of very high stress in my life triggered my Fibromyalgia in the first place.


linda brown - December 10

i think it's stress related too, i was getting married at the time and had just had a hysterectomy, but i'm reading a great book called mananging pain before it manages you, good luck


dalejr62 - December 11

You mention your joints. I was told that the pain in my joints is not fibromyalgia. Its in the muscles. I just went to the rheumatologist yesterday and he took xrays of my knee and elbow to see what the problem is. Im going back on the 2nd of Jan. for the results. Have you had x rays done on your joints to see if maybe it uncle art ?


LindaQ - December 11

I have said at times it is like I am allergic to stress, because stress really flares my symptoms. This year was alot of stress with loved ones passing and so on, I had symptoms worse and in places I had not had them before. So had to get checked out to make sure it was not something worse beginning.
And even good stress, fun things can be stress too.

Good Luck,


Gabbie - December 11

Hello inpain. I believe that stress is a main factor for fibro. About 15 years, during a period of about 1-1/2 years, I lossed my Dad, my father-in-law and a very dear friend. It was then that I started with "odd" pains and sensations which at the time I blamed on other things. I think now that it was the beginning of the fibro which has gotten worse over the years as more pain and other symptoms have been added. I find that, although difficult at times, I push to continue to do things that I enjoy, focus on the good things in my life and most of all, no matter how awful my day is, stay stubborn enough not to let the fibro take over. Believe me, I still sometimes get caught up in stressful or aggravating situations and find that it does trigger more pain but I have learned to better control my feelings so those times are not that often. I don't have a day without some sort of pain, but I find that "ignoring" those feelings as best as I can truly helps. Fibro is not easy and learning to live with it is not easy either, but don't allow it to take over your life. Stay with this forum, it's the best "therapy" you could have. Best wishes to you.


JJ1 - December 12

Gabbie, your story sounds like mine. Between 1998 and 2001 I lost my father, my mother-in-law, my mother then my sister-in-law. It was very hard on my kids, too, to lose so many people close to them in that short of time. On top of it, between 1996 and 2000 I was caring for both my parents until the died, my dad of Alzheimers and mom of metastasized breast cancer while at the same time working full time and trying to make my 3 kids lives as normal as possible. I held up health-wise during those hard times but it was within just a few months of my mom passing that I remember the first of the fibro pains.



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